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the great new zealand adventure

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we are going on a road trip come this  january, we will be driving around new zealand for 15 days. while i have known since september of this trip, i have not had the time nor patience to plan for it until recently but thank god we started buying new zealand dollars since then and the currency has really gone up the roof in recent months.

i have only started looking at the map of new zealand when i met the representatives of air zealand. i added one of them on my facebook and was bowled over with the beauty of this country. the thing is when i think of new zealand. i think of cattle, lambs milk, gooseberries now known as the kiwi fruit, peter jackson and lord of the rings.

new zealand is so so so much more…

i have my reservations about going to new zealand. there are so many attractions, i wasn’t sure how to scale it and they are all at different parts of new zealand.

i am natural born worrier – i worry about how to get there, how long will i have to drive from one spot to another, will i have time to see everything.. but seriously – what is life if we keep sticking to a plan?

i have started drawing profusely on the map of new zealand – planning the trip. i bought a note book detailing a skeletal framework of our adventure. it’s a primitive way of doing it and i realized soon enough this is a terrible way of doing it.

one of my concerns is accommodation – it’s summer time in new zealand and a lot of of northern hemisphereans have gone there to escape the blistering cold – is it going to be hard for me to find a place to stay? although there are loads of hotels and b&bs i worry about not being able to find a room . but at the same time, i don’t want to book accommodation for all 14 nights when we want to take it easy driving from one place to another.

i love making early bookings because i am chinese. i like negotiating for the best price.

i remembered what steve jobs had said about apps – ” there is an app for everything”. i was searching through the app store and i found exactly what i needed. air zealand has a customized app just for my great new zealand trip!!!!

first of all customized your trip - put down which regions you will be visiting and key in all the activities you plan to try out. you can also book your flight via the app

this distance calculator is one of the most important tools for me. if the drive is way over three hours i need to find distractions along the way to stop. thank god as well, all rented cars come with the option of having a gps unit!

once we have an inkling at which town we will be stopping, we can go through the list of hotels listed on the app and call to book a room. also, i found another great app for booking of hotel rooms -

once you have keyed in all the attractions, hotels, places of interest - you can do a map it or save for my trip function. the map it function is really good because it shows you the direction of how to get there

seriously, i am really looking forward to going. i have a feeling that new zealand may be one of the last few places where life is still good. i am going to share with you some of my most highly anticipated activities that i will be embarking on. it’s so pet friendly, it’s sad thing, we can’t bring sophie along!!


merry christmas

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this christmas i wish you could be who are destined to be without worrying about what other people may think of you. i also wish for more personal accountability so that we could take in our hands to solve some of the problems that plague the world today. i wish that you could see how truly special you are and that no one could be you and that you shouldn’t try to be someone else.

i wish that you are with family or friends today because no one could be that successful if you have no one to share it with. on the day we celebrate the birth of christ, i hope you ask yourself – is religion helping you to be a better person or has it made you more narrow minded?


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December 25, 2010 at 3:59 am

2011 new year resolution

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first of all, my grandmother was a pretty damn good cook and when she passed away, a portion of the tears i cried during her funeral went to all the great recipes she took to her grave. no one else in the family could cook as well as she did.

it has been three years since she passed away and since her demise, i have tried very hard to unravel into my consciousness hoping to recall what she had thought me about food and cooking. i was never a good apprentice and those days, my tasks were menial ones. washing vegetables, helping her cut food up. i had too little patient.

little that i know, i will have to spend the rest of my life attempting to relive her legacy through cooking.

one of my new year resolutions for 2011 is to eat better. when i say better, i don’t mean dining out at fancy restaurants. i mean, i want to cook my own food. i want to know exactly what goes into my food.

i am terribly at reading instructions. so i have been cooking using my intuition and not rely on recipe books. i have been trying to use my common sense to match flavors of food together.sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but what the hell right, life is about learning through experience.

i must admit, i am egoistic by nature. looking back, there are a lot of things in life, i did it to prove a point. a point to myself that whatever i do, if i put my mind to it i’d be able to do it.

results drive me.. i am so addicted to results sometimes it kills me. i asked my husband today after our home-cooked winter solstice dinner – do you think i am a good cook?

he said yes..

i think i should just invite some people over and get their judgement. sometimes i think he loves me so much, he doesn’t dare to say i am terrible at anything.

i miss my grandma – it will be her birthday on the her 27th. if she was still around, she’d be 81.

“grandma you know you left so abruptly, you never gave me closure”.

actually steamed prawns are one of the easiest things to make. just put ginger and lace it with a dash of chinese wine.. it's heaven on earth

grandma said this chinese dessert is good for women. i went a bit too heavy on the red dates but still edible..

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December 22, 2010 at 4:06 pm

donald have you lost your mind?

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when i was in college, i remembered this talent search concert.there was overly enthusiastic girl who went on stage in the most ridiculous outfit and danced to this really tacky song  by gina g called – just a little bit ( this was the late 1990s era, the black hole era of pop culture)

i was flabbergasted and i was so embarrassed, i had to walked out of the auditorium because my ears were burning. i couldn’t understand why anyone could do that.

it’s been more than 10 years and today i saw something that made me cringed so bad – i am officially traumatized – please see the video below

this is donald tsang’s way to wishing hong kong a merry christmas. whoever is advising donald tsang on his social media campaign is definitely sabotaging him.  the poor chief executive of hong kong has lost his mind. what is he doing?has he got no judgement of what is appropriate and not?

he is the head of government in hong kong. at the end of the day, have we all forgotten that- we don’t need to like politicians, they just have to prove to us that they are doing something for us. if only politicians spend less time trying to generate popularity and more time on more constructive stuff, i promise you this would be a better world.

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December 20, 2010 at 3:56 pm

last minute christmas shopping

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i love getting cute little innovative gifts from two places. if you had no clue what to buy for someone you are not that close to this christmas – i suggest you not to go the whole nine yards stressing about it. just go to log on or the closest g.o.d.
all sorts of colorful/ hong kong influenced totes – perfect gifts for expat wives or friends who are always telling you to bring them back a piece of hong kong
can’t afford living up on the peak – it’s okie. buy some pillow covers and dream your way to owning a house up there. or if you fancy mongkok or tsim sha tsui. look they are on sale too!!!
i don’t know about you but it seems to me this year almost everyone i know talked about getting a new camera, bought a new camera. between my husband and i – we have a few cameras at home. i don’t like boring camera bags and i  found some really nice ones at log on. log on is an amazing shop, you can buy the cutest trinkets for anyone from kids to adults.

cute aren't they

sometimes camera bags can appear so bulky and out of place but i really like these from log on

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December 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm

taxes and the short cuts we take

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a while ago, this lady came up to my at my gym and said – how is it possible that you are half the size you used to be and i am twice the size.

i smiled sweetly. i have to remind myself to hold my tongue. but you know what i feel like saying to her – ” please don’t even compare yourself to me. the difference between you and i – it’s simple, i have drive and you don’t.

the thing is every time i see her, she is in the sauna or at yoga class. you can’t lose weight doing just yoga. you need to do so much more.

i know for a fact that this person is like most people i know. they appear to be doing something but they don’t commit to the cause. they do it half baked.they walk around with no goals to drive them.

if there is one thing i hate the most right now is the fact that we are all up for quick fixes. the economy is not doing well – let’s cut taxes, let’s do another round of qualitative easing, i can’t get a job –  i’ll live on the dole.

no one wants to do it the hard way.

almost everyone i know what to lose weight.they think, i’ll go on a diet for three months and i’d be skinny. let me tell you how i lost weight – it took me three years and a changing a lifetime of bad habits. i commit to the routine of being healthy.

i am one of these people, i am not afraid of hard work. i am more afraid of being the same person and not getting the results i want.

on the issue of taxes and prolonging employment benefits. you know what, obama may get relected or he may not. his family will enjoy generations of power and access to money. the americans are the ones will have to pay the price for taking this short cut.

read this article about taxes in today’s asia wall street – what are taxes for?

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December 17, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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coco before channel…..

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i was walking past channel this evening. i really love the window display. which hot blooded woman is not tempted to walk in? beats me.


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December 16, 2010 at 4:35 pm

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