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happy thanksgiving

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a few weeks ago, i saw one of my old business associates for dinner as he was leaving hong kong to go back to singapore. just before we started eating, he started saying grace. i remained silent while he did his thing.

i come from a family where my father always tell me – ” if you don’t work hard, jesus can’t help you. no one can”. i guess dad was always the pragmatic one.

i must admit that i am not religious. it is not because i do not believe in god, it is because i do not believe in the versions of how we tell the story of god but it doesn’t matter i always think that even if the day comes for me to see my maker, i could honestly tell him – i have never been that bad – bad to an extent but never deliberately bad.

the act of my friend saying grace has changed my perspective that day – for a long time now, i forgot to how give thanks. maybe it’s because we have so much of everything – we have so much food, so much clothes, so much of everything excess that we forgot how to be grateful.

today is thanksgiving, i hope that all of us especially myself will take the time and give thanks to the things we have and forget about the chase for what we could have or should have.



Written by smalltroubleinhk

November 25, 2010 at 3:29 am

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