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a walk at shing mun reservoir

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maybe about two months ago, i talked about my hiking goals. i listed out all the hiking routes i want to conquer in the next few months before the arrival of next summer.

a few days ago, we  did the shing mun reservoir route. shing mun reservoir is one of hong kong’s largest dams in the territory.  it doesn’t really matter where you start from as there are a few connecting routes that will lead you to either tai po or shatin.

we started the hike at the shing mun country park entrance on shing mun road. there were so many feral monkeys hanging out like gangsters near the kiosks. it does make me a little sad to think about how we have destroyed their natural habitat and as a result to that, they have to hang out with us in order to get food. they do have the tendency to be a bit aggressive so don’t get too close

overall, shing mun is a nice easy walk – the view of the dam is picturesque. also strangely at certain spots around the lake, where the old trees still stand, the breeze is calm and there is an unspoken sense of serenity. like what i always say -you don’t have to leave the city on a plane just to get serenity – just go to one of the country parks. i love hong kong, there is always a side of it, like turning a page of  an intriguing book

head towards pineapple dam- it will link you straight to shing mun reservoir

go towards pineapple dam, it links you to shing mun

sophie is the alpha-female. always want to be in front but lately she never wonders too far from me. when she was younger, she doesn't know how to wait

feed me please

if trees tell a story of us, i wonder what they would say? feels like the enchanted forest and the faraway tree

doing the whole route takes about three hours.. you can always do a bit more if you walk to tai po or shatin

sophie is getting a bit older - a lot of white hair around her face.. but it's okie best friend, i'll take care of you!!!

wherever i go, my best friend follows even to the toilet!!!

lately i have been contemplating on getting another tattoo - i am thinking of a lotus plant. i am not religious but i always like lotus plants. their roots are very deep and they can grow in the nastiest places. it's a little like me. i like nasty

sophie's second best friend....

this is hardly a side of hong kong people think about ya?

we got to the main dam a bit too late - 15 minutes earlier and it would have been perfect!!!

it gets dark so early these days – remember to bring a flash light. the thing is the hiking routes are all linked in hong kong and it is very easy to go another route without realizing. we walked till dusk and the monkeys were teasing us like mad!!!!


Written by smalltroubleinhk

November 24, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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  1. babes, you need a write a book about your hiking stories and adventures with your two best friends…!!!!! love that pic of sophie following you to the toilet.


    November 24, 2010 at 7:10 pm

  2. haha.. too many hiking books… in hk


    November 25, 2010 at 2:12 am

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