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for as long as i could remember – people have often used the word intelligent to describe me. before you call me a narcissistic b****, please allow me to continue for i am not interested to blow my own trumpet. i just want to talk about the quality that comes with being intelligent.

many years ago, i had a teacher who told me – people like you have the opportunity to be very influential in the world  and it is up to you to choose if you want to use it well or abuse it.

i was troubled with her statement. there are days especially when i am in a foul mood, i fear my own thoughts and for as long as i remember as well, i have been fighting a battle between good and evil. i feel sometimes the world should be cautious of me because of when i am good i can be so good but when i am bad – i am a ball of fury.

if you look at everything that is happening to the world – bad and good they are both the doings of intelligent people. think about people like bernie madoff, charles manson – would you call them dumb people by any measure?

sometimes when i listen to peoples’ conversation about other people, it never fails to frighten me how shallow and simplified our minds have become. we talk about the world like as though it is either black or white. we develop one-dimensional opinions of people and conclusions are made almost immediately to summarize person’s integrity.

be careful with people who always talk about being good, be careful of those who always use religion as an excuse and be exceptionally careful with you choose to run your country.

Written by smalltroubleinhk

November 19, 2010 at 7:02 am

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