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my favorite best inventions of 2010

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been catching up on reading my stacks of unopened time magazine. i really need to think about renewing my subscription and  digitizing everything. with the amount we spend every month on magazines – like fortune, wired, glamour and time, it may make more financial sense to just buy an ipad.

i know a man who reads four different papers every day when i was young and i remember asking him as a kid – why? so many different versions.

” you need to look and inspect an issue from different angles, there can be many versions of the truth”.

if you don’t read time magazine, here is an article i like a lot – 50 best inventions of the year

my personal favorites

1.) the neonurture incubator – it is said that many as 4 million newborns die within a month from birth and because of the lack of medical infrastructure, even if we could give them incubators – they may not have the technicians and the means to maintain them.

what do you do? they use old car parts and remake them into an incubator. since car parts are easily available and there are many mechanics in even the most remote places – the neo nurture incubator is a technology that is relevant.

a big thumbs up to innovation and recognition that every human life is precious, regardless of where you are born.

2. the almost waterless washing machine

sometimes when i am having a nice hot shower, i think about someday soon wars will be fought because of water. there are just way too many people and water supply is finite. funny how only 3% of the water supply we have is drinkable.

i like this invention – the ( almost) waterless washing machine. it is invented by xeros.

3. the martin margiela plastic fur coat

whenever i buy something new, i cannot wait to rip out the plastic price tag fastener and i’d be happy to contribute them martin margiela. he used 29,000 of them to make this coat. the message from the fashion maven – he wants us to stop and think about reusing our resources and what we immediately discard.

it’s true – i think about the difference between us now and our grandparents. they think of ways to reuse something. remember those tin cadbury boxes, grandpa always reused them as storage facilities for his handymen stuff – nails, bolts, nuts.

i don’t think i’ll wear it though – looks far too uncomfortable.

4.sarcasm detection

damn they need to unleash one of these on me – i’ll be the best test subject since sarcasm is one of my best traits. developed at the hebrew university of jerusalem – the tool is used to spot sarcasm in sentences. wonder if my sarcasm is universal?

it’s funny i searched the net for an image of it – can’t find it, i wonder if this is a joke or something?

5.) the straddling bus

i recently wrote an e-mail to one of my mentors and asked him something i have been thinking about – in my e-mail to him, i said -____  if einstein believed that we only use about 10% of our brain, do you think that even if i used 11% or 12%, i’d still be relatively living an underutilized existence?

the human mind – for all mysteries that behold and capture my imagination – this is the crown jewel and we try so hard to oversimplify it, pretending we understand it..we don’t. the straddling bus – amazing and it is being developed in china. cheaper than a subway, the partly solar powered vehicle will have two lanes and has the capacity for 1200 passengers in every carriage. it is elevated and therefore cars can pass underneath. trial run begins in beijing at the end of 2011.

6.) better 3- d glasses.

yes, please. i suffered all throughout avatar – 3 hours !!. i have a small face and i don’t have a nose bridge ( don’t laugh) thank you oakley.

read the whole article if you want to uncover your favorites. i remember an old indian saying that i have written down somewhere years ago – i hope you think about it in this age and time when the world is in the midst of dying – we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.



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