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the it girl of the moment – carey mulligan

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geez i haven’t done well at all lately – i haven’t been blogging for more than two weeks, the longest since i started small trouble. i have been busy arranging my thoughts and most of them have not developed into anything for me to thread a substantial theme around.

lately there has has been a certain actress that has taken my breath away and i just cannot have enough of her. i first laid eyes on her in the movie- an education and about a month ago, we watched wall street money never sleeps- there she was again. carey mulligan.

oh my goodness, i am smitten with her. i love her dimples, her perfect porcelain skin and cherubic smile. an reincarnation of an angel that’s for sure. damn, she is already causing an anarchy on the red carpet. look at her go!!

carey - perfect in prada!!!

whimsical in dolce & gabbana

carey deserves lanvin

i love her hair in all different colors!

in prada again... awwww pixie cute

where do i sign up to be an official fan carey?


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November 14, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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