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cannabis and sake

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the earliest memory i have of a scent is of my dead aunt lucy. she has been for dead for long that my image of her is now fuzzy. however her scent still lingers. her absolute favorite scent was poison by christian dior.

a perfume so aptly named- poison. the other alternative name i could think of is toxic. you could smell her before you even caught a sight of her

well at least, she had a signature scent.

i have been using blush by marc jacobs for a while now but i haven’t found my signature scent.when the chloe perfume came out, i fell in love with it but so many girls were wearing it – i quickly decided against it.

that’s the offset of the luxury business. you have bags and shoes like everyone else. i began to develop a jealousy towards the old parisian, arabian and egyptian women. they have the luxury of working with alchemists to develop their own scent.

i have said this and will say it again – thank god for lane crawford. they have such an awesome selection of alternative fragrances. i stood at the counter for the longest time and narrowed down my choices to three.

i absolutely love jo malone – they have a new scent out pear and freesia. the other two are from fresh – cannabis rose and sake. i know right – cannabis. brings on a whole meaning to – i smell ganja.

but in the end, i took home sake. i like the complexity of the scent. it’s nothing like anything i have smelt before.


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