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have you ever gone to the cinema with no knowledge of the movie you are about to watch?

we were invited to watch confessions yesterday. the only brief i got for this movie were two sentences – high school bullies and murder. sounds good enough for me because i love criminal stories.

the movie started on a very strange note – a classroom where students were making a ruckus talking and playing with one another  drinking cartons of milk in front of the teacher.

it was the last day of school just before spring break and was as well yoko moriguchi’s last day of work as teacher. she started telling the class about the tragedy of losing her 4 year old daughter menami.

a kid’s shoe floated on the surface of the pool indicating that she had drowned.

a mother’s instinct led to her delved into the discovery that menami was killed. killed by two students in the class.

just before the school bell rung to the start of term break, she made the scary announcement that she had laced her two students’ milk with hiv infected blood.

all that happened in the first 30 minutes of the movie.. the murder, the murderers and the victim have been identified.

my thought was – how do you build a movie after that?

then the movie took on the narrative form of the different people involved.

honestly i was on the seat’s edge from beginning to end. it’s been a long time since i have watched a movie that made my mind crisscrossed with so many follow up questions. how? why? what’s next?

i really enjoyed seeing the style of how the movie was shot. directed by tetsuya nakashima,the shooting technique takes on a very stylish deployment of music video approach. albeit a very long one.

don’t give this movie a miss especially if you are already bored with the predictable hollywood style of movie making. check out the soundtrack if you are a fan of the radiohead. love the song last flowers.

confessions will be in the cinemas from the 14th of october onwards.


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October 9, 2010 at 7:45 am

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