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hong kong’s finest stars

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i think there is a reason why i have such an amazing life. it comes from my approach in life. let me give you an example – many years ago at a marina. i saw a guy eating ice cream alone and i said to him – hi why don’t you join us? i had no idea who he was but i invited him in my life and my best friend’s. they have been together since and from him i learnt a lot about life.

i think about all the meaningful relationships i have formed in my life. they come from the fact that i have an open heart. i never refrain myself the opportunity from knowing someone.  i have always lived my life based on intuition and i never let myself go on with someone if i develop bad vibes towards them. my best friend said when we were young – you are being judgemental and i tried for a few years to ignore my intuition. in recent years, i learn to trust it even more.

yesterday, i opened my heart again. i met a new friend and he is amazing. do you believe that how are you attract energies? whenever people tell me that they only attract the wrong type men or women. i suggest they reexamine their energy flow – good or negative

i met elven ho – for now virtually. we are linked by a few people on facebook and he tagged one of my friends in his old photo. and because i was curious to see how my friend looked like in his younger days, i unlocked a treasure trove – my passion for hk films.

i don’t know how many times i have said this.i think i have watched i think every hk film made in the 1980s and 1990s and it was my love for hk that made me packed my bags and left home. i begged elven and asked him permission to publish his photos.


the most beautiful taiwanese woman, in my opinion brigette lin. loved her in bride with white hair with gor gor leslie cheung

the cutesy sylvia chang. she is definitely very beautiful and has substance. i love all the movies she has directed and they are all about great women!!! you go girlfriend!

jackie chan and willie chan - so young!!!

rosamund kwan - such beautiful big eyes. my favorite rosamund movie - the wong fei hung series with jet li as aunt 13

the most dashing hk actor - chow yuen fatt

michelle yeoh when she married dickson poon

still the best actress of her generation- maggie cheung

my favorite cherie cheung - she is soooooooo cute! my favorite cherie movie - an autumn's tale with chow yuen fatt

always tot nina li chi has the best BOD - lucky jet li

danny chan - my grandma's favorite singer!! she played his songs at home over and over and over again

there you go another of chow yuen fatt

the first boy i fell in love with - gor gor leslie cheung. my favorite gor gor movie she is a man she is a woman with anita yuen. when i first came to hk, i went to the fringe club and said - hk i have arrived!!

star power all the way. look at those eyes.

this is when words fail me..... everything i say is unnecessary

carina lau - beautiful yesterday still beautiful today

gor gor in the 1980s during probably his monica days

i feel tears forming in my eyes whenever i see these old photos. they are priceless. thank you for sharing them with me elven


a night of tlc – travel and living at its finest

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i have a friend tonka who is from czech republic. as a young girl, she witnessed the fall of the berlin wall and the end of eastern european bloc. of all of a sudden overnight, all these places in eastern europe became open to the world.

she said something to me that i’ll always remember. traveling changes you – you see the world with a different set of eyes. don’t you think there is so much beauty in tonka’s statement?

as much as we want to – we can’t go to every corner of the world. we can however pick and select from the ones that appeal most to us – via tlc – travel and living channel.

last wednesday we went to the annual casbaa event at the four seasons. hosted by tlc – we were simply stars struck. samantha brown, janet hsieh and of course surreal gourmet chef bob blumer were the core attractions. man, it was a night to remember.

step into the world of tlc - the world of fine living, extraordinary experiences, interesting food and people and loads of good time


janet hsieh is so cute - she deserves an entire collage dedicated to her. i asked her - " do you feel like mickey mouse?" she said " i wished i was"


they had a lash bar and when my turn came - they asked me which one do you want? i said i want the most flirtatious ones. damn those eyelashes were heavy, it made me want to sleep. you know what they say- heavy lids. that was how i felt


meet natalie the camel


many men would like to be in bob blumer's shoes for sure!


posing for my own luggage tag!! my OWN!


don't you dare steal my luggage - my face is on my luggage tag!!


damn janet hsieh is tall. sugar and spice and everything thing nice. that's janet hsieh


sam, that color looks good on you!!


my husband - smiling ear to ear!!


this is the face why my husband married me. hahaha!


at the surreal gourmet booth. this plate of breakfast - was made out of sweets. hahahah - sweet bacon. totally bizarre!!!!


me attacking the dessert counter..

so where do you like to go next? actually, i would love to go to north korea. i find the hermit kingdom very intriguing. i am just so curious about how the whole country operates and with the succession of kim jung il to his son, it could either become worse or better. now, that is interesting.

the next tlc host that i would like to meet is bobby chinn. soon, i hope! soon!

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October 30, 2010 at 6:09 am

lunch with sam

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i have always liked the name sam. when i was young my imaginary friend’s name was sam. sam could have been the perfect name for a girl of a guy and i like the androgynous quality of the name.

and samantha brown fitted the bill. when i told my closest friends we were having lunch with samantha brown from tlc, some who don’t watch the channel asked – which one is that?

my best friend chris described her well – she is probably one of the most down- to – earth ones, there is nothing annoying about samantha brown.chris is spot on.

while we were walking up to the splendid bo innovation, there she was in the same lift as us. my eyes lit up and said – SAM!!!!!!

and she said oh -” i like your jacket”.

i said,” ya, i feel like michael jackson”.

” did you buy it here?”, she continued.

that’s sam. the girl you could fall in love with at first sight and the girl you will miss if she was gone for too long. and she has been on the road for 10 years

sam has a new friend for her roadtrips.. i told her, let's steam it. well a live crab isn't like a pet gold fish, you can't flush it down the toilet

samantha brown – the girl who gave us passport to europe, great hotels, passport to great weekends and passport to latin america.

i wonder if there are mornings where sam wakes up and wonder – where am i? which hotel? she is on the road 230 days a year and for all of you who think  you could do a better job, i’d suggest you think again. for her job – she has to sleep on ice ( eeeekkkkk!!!!), climb mountains, goes swimming in freezing water and the list goes on. she may have escaped the boring desk job but for sam – every day is a hard day’s work. i think it’s the type of job – if you don’t a good attitude and passion, you’d be a flash in a pan.

in her latest great weekend season – watch out for the episode on sundance, christmas in new york where she gave a polar bear an xmas gift, visiting haunted places down south ( can’t wait !)

sam asked me - do you know where i can buy these good morning towels. i told her, i'll sell it to her and her family at a fair mark up! hello, i am chinese. we like to make money... instead her team took her to GOD - that's probably a 1000% mark up..

thanks tlc for the invitation. the food at bo innovation was so delicious!! i’ve always wanted to check it out. terribly grateful for the opportunity. good company, good food… what more could i ask for?

this is the bo innovation xiao long biao. i could eat 100 of them!!! no 200 !! so yummy!

this banana dessert was superb!! the crust was so well made. i could eat it daily for the rest of my life..

my new friend boon..

grasshopper fever….

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when my friend ruby told me last year she was going for grasshopper’s concert. i was like are you serious. do people still listen to them? when was the last time they had a big hit? i haven’t heard their music since the early 1990s.

she was like – no seriously this is one concert you have to go.

our friend ah vee came for dinner three weeks ago and told us that she has been hard at work preparing for the concert and a few days ago she called us and asked us if we wanted to go.

okie why not since she is in the band – we will support her and our other friend ho bing who is the band leader.

i always tell my loh kong if i hadn't met you first. i'll go after ho bing. the man is sooooo talented. when he plays the piano, it's like, " oh ya baby serenade me".

sometimes i really envy creative people like ah vee. they have this gift that makes them happy when they are creating and it makes other people happy too

i dragged my feet to the coliseum. i was so convinced i’d be bored out of my mind.

when we went backstage to do the usual good luck bids. it was surreal. i saw so many famous people from the 1980s and 90s, i had a sneaky suspicion – maybe it would turn out okie.

but then when i walked into the coliseum – and saw the thousands of people of all age groups waving their grasshopper inflatables – words sort of just escaped me.

it was like as though grasshopper was some sort of religion..

my god – i dare say it was the best concert i have ever been to since i have been here for six years.

the thing was these guys aren’t just singers. they are E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-E-R-S.. they put the young singers to shame because most of them can’t sing nor dance or entertain.

one of my favorite hong kong entertainers was the late anita mui. seriously, she had the most theatrical costumes and man she could sing and dance and act. she was one of the reasons why the business was so great. i really adored her and i miss her terribly!!!!!

before grasshopper made it big, they were her back up dancers and singers and like what they always say – great teachers produce great students and the results are evidently seen.

i asked loh kong why are they called grasshopper. he said because they like to hop around. oh i see.

oh i have to tell you this – the night was so memorable for me because towards the end of the concert. i heard this familiar voice that gave me goosebumps. i couldn’t believe it. i said to my loh kong. baby – it’s jacky. he said  ” no it can’t be”.

there he was – jacky cheung rising up on stage and started to sing. i swear to god, i was so happy, i felt my throat tightened. jacky hasn’t had a concert in hk in years.

still got it after all these years

okie, that’s one thing that got checked out of my must do list in hk – watch jacky cheung sing live.

i am a very lucky girl indeed.

thank you ah vee for those lovely tickets. you naughty fella, you didn’t tell me but it is nicest surprise a girl could have!!!

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October 27, 2010 at 4:28 pm

autumn in hong kong.

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do you have a happy place on earth? i have many happy places in this world. when i started running a couple of years back, there was a place i look forward to going every single evening- bowen road on central.

it is a four kilometer running track that stretches all the way from central to happy valley. nestled high above mid levels, bowen road is so quiet in the evening. this is one place i feel closest to myself. it is my way of having a little me – time.

all photos are taken with my new canon g-12. still learning to use the is one fabulous piece of machine! love love love all the functions.

the storm that never came..

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it was a strange week in hong kong. the supposed mega- storm megi which ripped and torn her her way through the philippines was expected to make land fall in hong kong on friday night.

everyone was bracing for it. people cancelled events -i volunteered for this pet fund raising event –woofstock ( which has been rescheduled to the 7th of november)  i taped down all the windows at home as a precaution because the wind had been so strong on thursday night, my balcony doors were shaking.

but megi never came, the whole thing got blown to taiwan. it didn’t even carried the usual aftermath of a failed- to -happen storm – the horrible rain!

hong kong island on the 23rd of October on bowen road - after the storm comes the CALM

last week i went to two really good places for dinner – which i can’t wait to tell you about. my friend jo and i went to oolaa this italian restaurant on bridges street at mid levels. we HEART the atmosphere. jo is from new york and since moving to hk three years ago, she has really missed the big apple.

she said oolaa reminds her of nyc, there is a huge bar area for you to wait for your friends, have a pre-dinner drink and the space lay-out is very generous.

i had the blue swimmer crab lasagna which was UNBELIEVABLY yummy.

sorry i didn’t take any good pictures – had to rely on the iphone because i forgot my camera that day but the restaurant is far too dark for the pictures to turn out well

oolaa is a must try  – i sum it up with three adjectives – great food, great value as the serving is huge and great atmosphere.

last friday after a vigorous workout at the gym – i was so hungry i swear i could eat a whole chicken. rudi and i took a nice stroll from central to wanchai hoping to find a new place to eat.

at the corner of gresson street, we caught a whiff of greasy chinese fried food. we were sold immediately. i took a quick look at what most people were eating – see picture below and the crab baked rice.

razor clams in black bean sauce

i love a good dai pai dong style dinner. i love unpretentious good food and friendly down to earth servers. if you ever have guests in town asking for an authentic hong kong style dinner, i’d suggest you bring them to crowd restaurant.

we ordered the peppermint cheese ribs and the prawns with scallops and eggs. i really like the prawns because prawns are such difficult things to cook well. it’s very crunchy and fresh whereas as the peppermint ribs – perhaps they could marinate it longer for the meat to absorb the flavor.

prawns with scallops and eggs. they also sprinkled a dash of cashew nuts over the dish giving it more ommppphhhh

peppermint ribs with cheese. interesting concoction

if you are interested to check out crowd restaurant -the address is shop a, 14 gresson street wanchai, 2866 8088.

the kristin stewart dress

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i’ll be the first to admit that i don’t like kristin stewart and i absolutely detest her playing bella swan. she can’t act and she has only one expression. besides her lack of acting ability, i hate her sense of style even more.

she looks so dirty all the time. what is up with that? but a few days ago while i was getting my daily  fashion fix- there was it. kristin’s dirty image – changed right before my eyes.

what was she wearing? i absolutely have to know. kristin was wearing guishem. i have never heard of  guishem but i love it already.

good choice kristin. i guess we will be seeing more of guishem soon

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