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i read a funny news the other day about the chief executive of hk – donald tsang taking a 300 meters walk to work on free car day. coincidentally a few weeks ago, people have been criticizing mr. tsang’s official vehicle for being too environmentally unfriendly.

if we zoom out of this incident and take a look at what the other politicians are doing – you would be amazed with something. they all have a barometer measuring their popularity. president obama’s current barometer is at an all-time low. guess guys like the black eyed peas won’t be singing songs about this black brother anytime soon.

if i had a barometer  measuring my popularity- it’s always low.

think about all the popular people in school you used to know. have you done a facebook search on them? do you know where they are? the fact of the matter is that people who are popular have only one reason to be popular – they do exactly what you expect them to do.

and i don’t think the world needs that now.

i don’t want popular politicians. i want to be governed by people who know that the right decisions are always the hardest to make and are not afraid to stand by them.

take a look at us right now – the human race is getting weaker because we don’t want to do things the hard way. we want fast relief, fast results..

i sometimes think about galileo and how he defended his view that the earth revolves around the sun. it would have been far easier to say to the church – sorry guys i was wrong, you’re always right. but instead he defended his view – right down to the hour of his death.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

September 25, 2010 at 9:35 am

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