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the decline of the us of a

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the us of a spent 750 billion on the war in iraq. when i was young, i thought the US was the best country in the world. i remembered thinking – americans have the best selection of cereals, chocolates and candies. anyone who had a dream goes to the US and find a way to make it come true.

so one of the first things i did when i went to the US was to go to a supermarket. i didn’t marvel at the confectionary aisle, i was shocked at the level of excessiveness. i mean who on earth buys a 5 kg box of cereal? you can’t finish it without it going bad first.

my friend who was about the same age as me bought a meserati – he earns less than 40,000 annually. i asked him – why did they approve your loan? his answer – who cares? they approved it and i bought it.

all these happened a few years before the financial crisis.

so whenever people say, it was guys like roubini, krugman and whoever experts that predicted the fall of the US capital market.  i am telling you now it doesn’t take an economic expert to see decline of a complacent giant. i just did not expect the scale of it all.

a year ago, ” experts on bloomberg” said the US is going through a jobless recovery.

i mean like what is f*** is that? it was more like sudden surge of stimulus package that made it looked as though there was a recovery.

but 750 billion on a war. now that is just unbelievable.

instead of infuriating and causing a further divide between the ” so called” axis of terror and the good guys – that money could have been spent on

1.) reforming the education system

2.) facilitating programs that allow american companies to work hand in hand with china. it is absurd to say that china is stealing the jobs of millions of americans. it is more right to say that america did not become better and got stuck.

3.) fund new start ups that could have become our generation’s microsoft/apple.

i recently watched w – the movie that oliver stone directed that was based on george w.bush’s life. if the movie portrayed correctly the life of george bush, i’d retract whatever bad things i have said about him. he was merely a stupid guy who was surrounded by people who had agendas to complete.

i believe that the us of a had overextended themselves. between financing two wars, drastic cuts that they are making in education, the public sector and research and development coupled with giant corporations that are too big and unflexible – it is only the beginning of the end for them.

i believe too that because they have done so many bad things to especially the muslim world, it will come and bite them in the ass. it is astounding to know that the muslim population would actually double in the coming decades.

lessons from the fall of the giant

1.) never assume superiority over anyone. this arrogance makes you dumb and complacent

2.) don’t expect the government to solve your problem. if you cannot find a job, find a way. innovate, change, move countries if you have to – our ancestors are no strangers to that.

3.) reality tv really clouded good judgement and f*** being politically correct.


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  1. I have been told by historians that all empires, historically, have had an expiry date of two hundred years. That being said, will the Chinese empire last two hundred years starting from 2010? Or will the new global communication shorten the empirical date? I am interested because I was born in the last country of the British Empire, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Where do we go from here as the world population expands beyond the capacity of nature’s host? Surely the love of money is the root of all evil, inclusive of consumerism and it’s waste deposited into the bed of of our Planet Earth. As the nature of DNA is to survive, we need to be realistic for the survival of our DNA on a Global level. Then we can evolve our safari, our journey, Life is a Safari.

    Gavin McLeman

    September 24, 2010 at 7:21 am

  2. dear gavin,

    how are you? i have been told that tarzania has the best safari. are you still in zimbabwe? did you experience mugabe’s rule? when i was young i remember this question from a history test – at the height of the british empire, how much of the of the world’s land was under the queen’s rule? it was 25% and i remember the saying – the sun never sets on the empire.

    actually people always say that china went into decline during the qing dynasty. for me china’s decline was much earlier – it was during ming dynasty when they stopped exploring the world and destroyed their naval fleets. they closed their doors on outside world. that’s usually the first sign of looking inward.

    people always argue that globalization made us understand other types of people much better. i think it made people very scared of losing their identities and we are becoming increasingly more ethnocentric.

    china will decline again someday and perhaps the old world europe will rise again. we probably won’t see it in this our lifetime. it’s just important we see life as a continuous cycle.

    the world’s population is projected to rise to 9 billion people by 2050.

    religions always say that doom’s day will come. i don’t believe the world will end on a single bang. i think it is a series of events that happens that lead us there. capitalism has taken a toll on all of us.

    i won’t be too sad if our whole entire human race is wiped out. we place too much importance on ourselves.. we forgot how to respect nature. we think that we are top of the food chain. it may be better for every single organism…

    i wish you well and thank you very much for your note.


    September 24, 2010 at 5:10 pm

  3. btw gavin – i looked at your website. do you know boabab trees are my favorite trees in the world? they are soo beautiful..


    September 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

  4. Greetings again. To me the Baobab is the Tree Of Knowledge. It has withstood the test of time and evolved to a three thousand year life by branching out very wisely. It illustrates calm strength in it’s totally being one with it’s natural surroundings. Harmonious with the universal energy of nature, finding answers to it’s survival whilst not being greedy in it’s cycle of evolution. Instead, balancing it’s life in the Planet’s cycle of giving and receiving. This is something a human consumer society does not do. To be quietly walking near a Baobab, to be Inspired to spend a peaceful moment photographing it, meditating on the sun setting and moon rising through it’s branches, is quite humbling. We can all be Inspired and Inspiring, standing tall and achieving success in our personal evolution, just like the Baobab. Yes, indeed, we can have our place in the world without consuming it.

    Gavin McLeman

    June 20, 2012 at 4:58 am

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