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best thing since sliced bread!!!

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during school days i excelled in written subjects – anything to do with history, english, geography, world issues – i breezed through them with ease. on the other hand, i had a hard time with numerical subjects. for a big part of my life i used to fear it and have tried to avoid it at all costs. i tell myself no more – i am never going to hide behind my fears again.

since i am in the midst of building my business at the moment, there are many a times i am not as busy as i wished i could be. i need to find productive use of my time. i have been re-learning algebra, calculus, trigonometry again – at the ripe old age of 31.  it is never too late to learn anything. there is still a fair amount of gusto in this old dog!!!

today, i learnt about valuating a company. i figured that in the next few months at the rate sales are growing, i have to raise more funds to fuel expansion. i am learning all this from a guy named khan. he is the best thing since SLICED bread. he runs an online learning academy for free.  i found out about khan in the last issue of fortune. check out his story

at the moment his users are predominantly based in the western. please help spread this website to all your friends – especially to those you know cannot afford higher education but still are keen to learn.

i am determined to contribute to the khan academy via my business. i haven’t figured out the works yet but i have been looking for charity to work with. this will be closest to my heart – education to those who seek it.

god bless you mr. khan!!!! the khan academy


Written by smalltroubleinhk

September 10, 2010 at 6:19 am

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