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no you don’t have to

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i was in the elevator yesterday with my neighbor and we started talking. she asked me if i could hear some of the arguments between her daughter and her. i was quick to point out that the entire 7th floor could. she said to me – my daughter is very difficult, she likes to fight back.

i hear their fights very often and usually over piano practice. i could hear the little girl say – i hate this. can we not do this anymore?

i hear her mother shouting back – you have to.

can you remember when you were young? can you remember doing something you absolutely love and doing something you hate?

parents tell me – i want to give my kids things i never had and these kids do not know what is good for them.

i am not sure if i buy that.first of all, the things you don’t have – are they necessarily the things they want? you and your child are different people.

i think i won’t be the first to notice the state of mediocracy that we  have to live with today and i am not sure if it stems from how in the last 30-40 years the lack of personal development is given to each child in recognition of them being special and unique.

this is my theory – i may be wrong.

if you look at anyone’s cv today –  has it ever struck you that it looks as though people are now being mass produced? they attend a type of elite school, they work with big corporations, they play some sort of sport/musical instrument.

it seems like we want to be good in EVERYTHING and yet we are good at NOTHING.

most of the time we are just busy filling in the unwritten requirements are expected of us.

can we try and remember how things were before  – the “but you have to stage” ? i instinctively knew what i like and don’t like. things i like, i excelled. things i don’t – i did them half heartedly and i looked for creative ways to escape them.

and this is the problem. we have brainwashed – the entire 3-4 generations of children in the developed world.

they or should i say we are so lost. we are so scared that we are living a life that is predetermined by forces greater than ourselves. we want to gravitate towards our destiny but sometimes that doesn’t make as much money as a goldman banker.

that is why we have empty people. people who look good on the surface, beyond the facade of the elite schools they attended and the corporations they work for, they are faceless and identity-less.

i wished there was a restart button for humanity. i wish for a movement that gravitates towards finding one’s destiny. it is unfathomable to me to be living a life that does not belong to me.

please stop telling your child you have to. nothing beautiful comes out of force. they need us to reassure them that the very fact that they are born is somewhat a miracle in itself.

i would like to share with you the ending of the black swan by nassim nicholas taleb ” we are quick to forget that just being alive is an extraordinary piece of good luck, a remote event, a chance occurrence of monstrous proportions”.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

September 9, 2010 at 3:05 am

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  1. Grandma used to force me to practice the piano – I hated it so much you can see crumpled pages, even whole exam books (they were thin). As I grew older I understood the value of learning/playing a musical instrument and genuinely enjoyed it at a deeper level and learned to understand and appreciate the technicalities of the act of playing, the composition, the music, the composer’s inspirations, etc. Of course, not everyone will experience what I have, but if I hadn’t been forced and if I had quit in the early years, I would have never realized the potential or learned something not everyone has the opportunity to learn. Some children do need to be forced – but it takes good parenting to know when to stop forcing.


    September 9, 2010 at 3:17 am

  2. ya i totally know what you mean. but u see chris, it’s not as though u became chopin.. what i am saying is. all of us have the potential to be the chopins of every field imaginable.

    if i had known u as a child, i would fully develop ur potential as a writer because u are one of the most talented writers i know.


    September 9, 2010 at 4:34 am

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