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hiking in hk – the best free thing in hk

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sophie, rudi and i watched the sun set today!!!

i love love love to hike. it is almost the time of the year to resume our number one favorite outdoor activity. i bought this hiking book two years and every time we finish a route i’d put a star next to it.

unfortunately, i don’t know why but for some reasons, we didn’t do too much hiking last year. i think it was because of ruby ( one of my  favorite hiking buddies) – she got knocked up. hopefully we could bring jake along with us soon. jake is my 8 month old godson.

apparently hiking in hong kong is gaining ground amongst avid hikers from around the world. they actually come to hong kong purely to hike. well, over the past few years, i have seen some of the most beautiful parts of hong kong on foot.

i took out my hiking book today and i want to set some goals for this year. the best time of the year to hike is between late october till april. i want to make the best out of these few months.

these are routes that we have not been and intend to cover from now till april 2011.

1.)shing mun reservoir

2.) wan chai gap to wong nai chung

3.) lantau peak

4.) cloudy hill

5.) tung lung island

6.) plover cove reservoir

there are so many good hiking routes in hong kong – check out this great website to find out more – hkwalker

the route closest to home - discovery bay to mui wor

watching buffalos laze around at pui o

path to enlightenment on lantau island near the bronze buddha

the infamous dragon's back!!

big wave bay

pat sin leng - one of the hardest routes in hong kong

the maclehose trail


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September 5, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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