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how to look like a real ghost on halloween

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it's either i am your dream or your worst nightmare

i have been dying to blog about this.. last week my friend and i got together to do some videos on how to do halloween make up.

i love this time of the year. halloween parties in hong kong are the bomb!! do you know why? we are so damn competitive that we vow to outdo each others’ outfit every year.

since i have been here i have been to the ocean park halloween bash. it’s a one month affair whereby they turn the whole park into a spooky joint for ghosts, ghouls, demons and devils. as i am from malaysia, we have always have hair raising ghost stories especially about black magic. i will tell you some if you want to hear. if you are heading to ocean park, please make sure you buy the vip tickets because the queues very long

the other spooky joint in town is of course lan kwai fong. the whole stretch will come alive on halloween’s night. you won’t be able to walk get close enough to the action after 9. so if you want to be at ground zero, have dinner at one of the restaurants along the stretch.

anyways, i really had so much fun shooting these videos. i am sorry. i don’t think i am very good at all because i am a bit camera shy. i am a lot funnier in person. anyways, priscilla my friend is really good. the reason why i got her to do it is because she used to do a lot of stage make up for hong kong celebrities like jim chim(詹瑞文)

there are two places you can go to pick up your halloween make up essentials

may’s – it’s located at on the 7th floor of jd mall jordan

team work – 3/f, mercantile house, 186- 188 nathan road tsimshatsui

to complete the look – there are various places you can go to pick up a great halloween costume

pottinger street and wan chai market. if you don’t want to buy you can also look into renting a costume from matteo party.

if you have any questions for priscilla or me – let us know. her website is spectrum make-up

and if you want us to do a certain look, please let us know. we need encouragement!!!!!!!!!!special thanks goes out to ah fung and chen chen for running around and making this happen for us.


popularity and democracy

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i read a funny news the other day about the chief executive of hk – donald tsang taking a 300 meters walk to work on free car day. coincidentally a few weeks ago, people have been criticizing mr. tsang’s official vehicle for being too environmentally unfriendly.

if we zoom out of this incident and take a look at what the other politicians are doing – you would be amazed with something. they all have a barometer measuring their popularity. president obama’s current barometer is at an all-time low. guess guys like the black eyed peas won’t be singing songs about this black brother anytime soon.

if i had a barometer  measuring my popularity- it’s always low.

think about all the popular people in school you used to know. have you done a facebook search on them? do you know where they are? the fact of the matter is that people who are popular have only one reason to be popular – they do exactly what you expect them to do.

and i don’t think the world needs that now.

i don’t want popular politicians. i want to be governed by people who know that the right decisions are always the hardest to make and are not afraid to stand by them.

take a look at us right now – the human race is getting weaker because we don’t want to do things the hard way. we want fast relief, fast results..

i sometimes think about galileo and how he defended his view that the earth revolves around the sun. it would have been far easier to say to the church – sorry guys i was wrong, you’re always right. but instead he defended his view – right down to the hour of his death.

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September 25, 2010 at 9:35 am

delivering happiness

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two days ago my friend luigi bade us farewell and left for buenos aires. i am going to miss him terribly because he was always one of those guys with great vibes. in his farewell e-mail, he made me tear a little – this is what he said to us

Price to Argentina – around $18,000

Price for quitting your job without a fall back plan and hoping for the best – Your savings

Price for following your heart and having a send off from the most incredible people in HK – Fu*king priceless

luigi la toya

good luck my  good man.

about a month ago, i read this book call delivering happiness – a path to profits, passion and purpose. it was written by tony hsieh the ceo of zappos.

i absolutely love love love the book. it was written so much honesty and simplicity. i hope you get to read it soon.

i wrote him an e-mail to thank him for the book  and about two weeks back his team contacted me about publishing my story on the website of the book. can you believe it? i was over the moon. i can finally tell my dad – dad, here you go. i did something with my degree in journalism. i have something in print!! hahaha

and they did- they have my story on the website ** beaming like a school girl**

usually when a book is really good – i highlight bits of it. i just want to share with you stuff which resonated well with me or at least my current state of being.

” there was something alluring about being involved in something where the sole purpose was to create an experience and emotional journey for people and then to have nothing but memories left afterward to hold on to”.

” they say necessity is the mother of  invention”.

“i thought about how easily we are all brainwashed by our society and culture to stop thinking and just assume by default that more money equals more success and more happiness when ultimately happiness is really about enjoying life”.

” i knew what i wasn’t going to do. i wasn’t going to site around letting my life and the world pass me by. people thought i was crazy for  giving up all that money. and yes, making that decision was scary but in a good way”.

after my experience of dealing with tony’s team- i can say for sure this company is a diamond in the midst of a lot of bullshit. you know, as i think about you know what is one of the biggest crimes in today’s world – we say that every client is unique but actually we developed stupid company protocols to treat them them all alike.

as for me, i am a fan of zappos until proven otherwise. good luck tony and good luck zappos. i am rooting hard for you!!

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September 24, 2010 at 3:29 am

a secret garden kinda bbq

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i say this after every summer in hong kong, that was the hottest summer ever and since there is no stopping of global warming – i guess i pretty much will be saying it every year till i die or the world dies – whichever takes precedence first.

i am so glad we are finally heading towards the cooler months.

a few weeks ago, my friends and i decided on an outdoor bbq get-together. the authentic hk style type not the backyard beer -in-hand fancy bbq cooker kind.

we had definitely picked the wrong time of the year to go. it was so hot, we didn’t just bbq food, we bbq-ed ourselves too. but thank god for good company and in the end, everything worked out well.

we ended up at this place call kam hei gardens in sai kung. we would never chanced upon it if it weren’t for a friend of ours whose family is in show business. hidden deep in sai kung near the shing fung film studio. i think this place is also used to shoot movies/ commercials. it also looks as though there are loads of movie props there.

when we got there, we wondered if we had gone over the borders to thailand or something because it was so surreal. nothing like what you thought hong kong would look like.

you know what it reminds me of – the book the secret garden. there were garden swings, fountains, ponds, wooden huts that towards twilight sparkled with fairy lights.

i think it would be a great place if you are are looking for an exotic wedding destination or a place to capture some nice pre-wedding photos.

well the photos speak of a thousand words.

to get there – just get to choi hung mtr station. take a taxi from there and tell them to head towards shing fung film studios. kam hei gardens is just behind the film studios.

to make a reservation – please call 2243 0303

the decline of the us of a

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the us of a spent 750 billion on the war in iraq. when i was young, i thought the US was the best country in the world. i remembered thinking – americans have the best selection of cereals, chocolates and candies. anyone who had a dream goes to the US and find a way to make it come true.

so one of the first things i did when i went to the US was to go to a supermarket. i didn’t marvel at the confectionary aisle, i was shocked at the level of excessiveness. i mean who on earth buys a 5 kg box of cereal? you can’t finish it without it going bad first.

my friend who was about the same age as me bought a meserati – he earns less than 40,000 annually. i asked him – why did they approve your loan? his answer – who cares? they approved it and i bought it.

all these happened a few years before the financial crisis.

so whenever people say, it was guys like roubini, krugman and whoever experts that predicted the fall of the US capital market.  i am telling you now it doesn’t take an economic expert to see decline of a complacent giant. i just did not expect the scale of it all.

a year ago, ” experts on bloomberg” said the US is going through a jobless recovery.

i mean like what is f*** is that? it was more like sudden surge of stimulus package that made it looked as though there was a recovery.

but 750 billion on a war. now that is just unbelievable.

instead of infuriating and causing a further divide between the ” so called” axis of terror and the good guys – that money could have been spent on

1.) reforming the education system

2.) facilitating programs that allow american companies to work hand in hand with china. it is absurd to say that china is stealing the jobs of millions of americans. it is more right to say that america did not become better and got stuck.

3.) fund new start ups that could have become our generation’s microsoft/apple.

i recently watched w – the movie that oliver stone directed that was based on george w.bush’s life. if the movie portrayed correctly the life of george bush, i’d retract whatever bad things i have said about him. he was merely a stupid guy who was surrounded by people who had agendas to complete.

i believe that the us of a had overextended themselves. between financing two wars, drastic cuts that they are making in education, the public sector and research and development coupled with giant corporations that are too big and unflexible – it is only the beginning of the end for them.

i believe too that because they have done so many bad things to especially the muslim world, it will come and bite them in the ass. it is astounding to know that the muslim population would actually double in the coming decades.

lessons from the fall of the giant

1.) never assume superiority over anyone. this arrogance makes you dumb and complacent

2.) don’t expect the government to solve your problem. if you cannot find a job, find a way. innovate, change, move countries if you have to – our ancestors are no strangers to that.

3.) reality tv really clouded good judgement and f*** being politically correct.

david koma

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the london fashion week that started last friday is a 21 billion pound industry. i have always liked london fashion more so than the other european cities like milan and paris.

i like english fashion in general as i find english people quirky and eclectic.i think the average english girl dress better than most as well.

was browsing the london fashion week website and was looking at the list of designers- the list was pretty damn extensive actually.  there was this particular one who caught my eye – david koma

i really like his stuff – very strong, individualistic and origami like feel.

they carry his collection over at joyce boutique. i’d love to check it out.

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September 19, 2010 at 6:12 am


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a few days ago, i received a message from my brother informing me that my dad had a mild stroke. don’t worry he is fine. after i received the call, i sat down and because at that time i didn’t know how severe the stroke – my mind was all over the place.

i must admit that my relationship with my dad is nothing of substance i could gloat about.

it is very hard to love my father. my father has this megalomaniac personality that when he was young, he wanted everything. i think until now he still does.

i don’t know at what point in life, i have given up trying to get him involved in my life.  here is the oddest thing that i didn’t understand. he rang my youngest brother and asked him to take him to the hospital. i don’t understand why my half brother didn’t do it when he lives with them.

there are so many questions in my head – i don’t know how to answer them.

at the end of his life, who truly loves him?

could i have done more?

i truly think that i think he doesn’t love himself as well. for years he has high blood pressure, he still smokes, he still doesn’t exercise he still eats really bad food.

in his most quiet moments, if he were to tell a version of his life story – when he has no one to lie to, no one judge him. what would be his most honest version of his life story?

if one day, at the hour of my death what would be mine?

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September 16, 2010 at 4:51 am

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