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there is a lady who lives in discovery bay and bump into her every now and then whenever i am taking sophie out for a walk. she is one of those people, i avoid like plague.

she has issues with everyone, with everything. every time you meet her, she tells you how the world is stacked up against her. i am sure some of you may know people like that.

at my last brush with her, she was telling me that she has to go back to canada because she has LOST EVERYTHING ( she reemphasized that again and again)

how? she fell off the bus a few months ago and since the fall she has been in a lawsuit with citybus. she is now suing them for indemnity and lost wages as she hasn’t been able to work for months.

these were her exact words as she touched my neck ” you wouldn’t have survived the fall”. she then inspected my five feet less than one inch frame.

i listened intently and i said  ” but you did. you survived the fall”.

she didn’t pay much attention to what i said and continued. as she has now “lost everything”, she has no choice but to move back to canada and live with her parents in a retirement village.

she said with anger, ” what am i going to do in a freaking retirement village?”

whenever i hear stories like that, i feel really sad because more often than not we choose to not see the opportunities that life has presented us with..

first of all, when i said ” but you survived the fall” and she totally ignored what i said. if she had just kept quiet for one brief minute, it doesn’t take a lot of common sense to see that life has presented her with a second chance.

as for living in a retirement village filled with old people. this is my take. have you seen how old people live? there is so much we can do for them to give them a better sense of dignity or help them live better. if i were her, these would be my potential business plans

1.) learn how to do facial/ manicure/pedicure/hair cuts and give old people the chance to look good. everybody wants to look good right.

2.) shopping service for old people – organize planned shopping trips to help old people do their shopping. even something as basic as grocery shopping they may have trouble with.

3.) catering better food for old people

4.) day trips for old people

so many possibilities… the thing ever since i was young, i always believe that sometimes if you have to walk a certain road, no matter how hard it is. just try and look out for exit signs, any signs at all. come out that road as a better person not an angry one.

anger always blinds you. choose your views well.

look for that silver lining. it’s not too hard to find it if you accept the situation then find the solution.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

August 26, 2010 at 9:11 am

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  1. You are remind me to remember our “life is a safari”

    Gavin McLeman

    September 24, 2010 at 7:04 am

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