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big toys for small and big men

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i am married to a man who loves toys.

i am cool with it because at least he doesn’t play with other girls” ( to the best of my knowledge at least but then again, you could never tell- haha)

my husband loves going to mongkok to look at toys. i like going to mongkok to discover new trends. do you know that mongkok and causeway bay are test markets for  new electronic products and consumer goods?

i grew up with boys. while growing up, i had more robots than barbie dolls. so i relate well to guy’s world. when my brother came  to hong kong to visit me. i took him to dundas street in mongkok. the man was so overwhelmed, i think he cried tears of joy. i felt his sense of serenity. it was like as though he found paradise on earth.

see what i mean, on dundas street there is one whole row of shops.. selling only guns like that. i wonder if dick cheney is involved?

these guns look like better guns than what the filipino police are using..

i saw guys that hang out in front of those stores wearing things like that. i love how seriously they take it

dundas street in mongkok is the place to go if you have an obssession for boys’ toys. the street is literally filled with shops that sell air guns and war artilleries. it looks so real. i wanted to ask if i could hold it and touch it  just to feed my curiosity. i just cannot believe that there is a whole community of war game enthusiasts but looking at ” the supply”, i don’t doubt the scale of demand.

all i can say is -for someone to open a shop like this.. he must be a gundam nut.however it is nice to make money out of something you love

i found a shop that sells only gundams. my friend eugene would have gone crazy in there – the shop is called new g and because i love my friend so much, i asked for the business card

the address is ( for all gundam enthusiasts)

shop 1, prosper commercial building no. 9 yin cheong street mongkok. tel: 2397 8588

girls – if you are in hong kong for a holiday, make sure you dump your men at dundas street. you will be able to shop in peace. they will be entertained for at least half a day just on that one street.

Written by smalltroubleinhk

August 25, 2010 at 3:53 am

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  1. Last sentence is EPIC WIN!


    August 27, 2010 at 6:49 pm

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