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a nice summer weekend in hong kong

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there is a lot that you can do in hong kong.

there are times i choose not to do much but to hang out with friends – we don’t hang out enough in hong kong. people here are always scurrying around and always keeping to a busy schedule.

i had a good relaxing weekend and i hope you did too.

i love summer weekends like this. blue skies, puffy white clouds resembling dancing marshmallows in the sky.

yesterday karen and i sat outdoor for lunch at isola at ifc. this has to be one of the longest lunches i have had in a long time. it’s just that we haven’t seen each other in so long and we had so much catching up to do. i enjoyed every bit of it. it was such a beautiful summer day overlooking the victoria harbor.

i honestly love living in hong kong. there is something about living close to the sea that comforts me. every time i come to isola for lunch, i honestly don’t remember the food much. i just remember the view but this time however, we ordered the beef carpaccio. it was superb.

i haven’t been to the beach much since summer started. sophie my 6 year old labrador loves the water and a good game of tennis ball. as well, i am in dire need of a nice tan. i don’t look good pale, my skin’s natural tone is kinda sallow and slightly greenish. when i am too fair, i look sick and plus this year because of my bad neck – i didn’t do the dragon boat. i want to get back to it next year hopefully.

whenever sophie catches the sight of a tennis ball, she goes MAD.. do you think that this hereditary trait for labrador retrievers? maybe it says it in the name, retriever. ever since i was young with all my experiences with this particular breed of dog, they are crazy about balls..

goodnight everyone. have a good week ahead. sophie is snoring at my feet.


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