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i was talking to a good friend of mine who works as a producer in a production house. as we are in our early 30s, we have been in the job force in the last 8- 10 years. in the last few years throughout many different business industries i have noticed a staggering trend – it has become increasingly difficult to make a healthy margin in business. it is like as though all businesses have become so commoditized that the only way a business could compete is via drastic price wars.

looking at how things are historically, this i must say commoditization of any industry is a normal phenomenon. the only thing abnormal i find right now is how slow we are at creating new industries that would lead to the creation of new types of jobs.

do you understand what i am saying? sometimes i feel that many of us know that we are riding on a dying a horse but we don’t know how to get off that horse or find a better horse.

my friend who does tv ads tell me – margins have become so low that it is impossible to offer any junior staff a good salary. i mean seriously, for years i have used commercial breaks as toilet breaks. why would anyone pay for something that has so little value? don’t we ask ourselves these questions anymore?

i suspect that across many corporate jobs – we have to bear the reality of

1.) losing more jobs because it doesn’t make sense to demand higher pay anymore

2.) drastic cost cutting on company expenses because of the lack of innovative ” block buster products” ( nowadays we are better at following orders more than listening to our gut instincts)

3.) the younger generation will suffer from the lack purpose and highly  unused innate talent.

how the hell did we get stuck in this shit?

have we become too complacent? have we become too afraid to try new things that aren’t tested?

not too long ago, when i was book browsing at page one. i was standing at the biography section staring at bookcovers – the trump story, warren buffett, richard branson…

why have we all been thought to idolize and try to emulate the success of these people? sure, we can learn from them because i am sure successful people have a legitimate reason to be successful but if we think that we could replicate or be the next trump, it is stupid!. the resources available to them is entirely different for you and i.

instead we need to train ourselves to think  – okie now, these are the resources that are available to me. how can i mine it? in hawaii, whenever there is a tsunami, people who are close by the beach are taught to swim out to the sea. ride the wave, don’t ride against it.

and i feel that we are riding against the wave right now. change has taken place but we have become too attached with the old ways. we need to let go.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

August 19, 2010 at 5:16 am

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