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happy birthday dragonair!!!!!

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one of the things i loved to do was i was a kid was to watch planes fly

happy birthday dragonair. thank you for flying me to china all these years. for one, i won’t dare to fly airchina so…. thank you so much….

my favorite airline without a doubt is cathay pacific. for one i L-O-V-E the inflight entertainment system. that is aviation’s best privilege. i love it especially when i have to fly long haul. watch 3-4 movies in a row. if i need a snooze, i’ll pause it. the selection of old movies are so extensive. i actually enjoy flying just because of cathay pacific.

when is dragonair going to have that mr. tyler?

tallest and best looking ceo - mr. tony tyler

one of the reasons why i wanted to go for dragonair’s 25th anniversary was to meet tony tyler.

i went over to him to introduce myself. i told him i write a blog about hong kong.

he asked me “what are you going to say about me?”

” that you are the most good looking ceo i have ever met”.

he said, ” no you can’t say that, you should say i am the tallest ceo”.

but mr. tyler, anyone is tall next to me. i am small and i am trouble.

poor mr. tyler i am sure coming to asia has made his posture really bad. he often has to hunch over to talk to us.

william tang who designed the uniform...

i call william the michael kors of hong kong. he is always in black. i guess he won't be one of those who say - oh my god, i have nothing fabulous to wear!!!!

i said to my husband, ” they should put mr. tyler in a pilot’s uniform. he would look very good in one.

husband said, ” loh poh, tony tyler isn’t like allan zeman and besides john tsang was there. the man has serious business to do.

oh they said donald tsang was supposed to be there but he is in chengdu playing with pandas.

“mr tsang, you have loads of work to do, don’t go playing with pandas” ( well at least pandas and other animals are the only ones who can’t talk back at him these days)

they even concocted a special cocktail call golden dragon for the anniversary

anyways, happy birthday dragonair. i have been flying airasia because when you have your own business, you have to take care of your bottom line. i need to work a lot harder to earn back my right of flying only cathay or dragonair. soon, i hope!!!


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