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and i miss her so

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till today, i still miss her. whenever i  am in her neighborhood, i think about the many nights she used to come over to pick me up just to chit chat in the car.

when i came to hong kong to live many years ago, i packed away some really sad memories i had before i left malaysia.

lately it’s been coming back because i have been going home so much for work.

i still miss her…

sometimes i cannot believe why i had allowed my arrogance and ego got in the way and i wrote off a friendship of more than ten years.

her last words to me were ” i am asking you one last time, is this what you want?”.

i said ” yes, i never want to see you again”.

i am such a f******g arrogant fool.

i wonder if she is happy now?

if you ask me now, do i care who is right, who is wrong.. i don’t because friends don’t keep score cards.

i have to find a way to make it better.

i have decided that next month when i go back again, i will call her. she may reject me but at least i tried..


Written by smalltroubleinhk

July 16, 2010 at 10:49 am

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