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i have been asking many people the same question for the past one week – ” when you were young during art class, how many colors could you mix using three primary colors?”

some say -5, some say 10, i get mostly a range of 30 -40.

there is a reason for my question, i have a friend, a very special friend who could mix 99 colors..

the older i get, the more people i meet, the more humble i become as this world really has a lot of incredible people. the friend i am telling you about, is my friend priscilla. she is a make up artist and she gave me a very special gift. she gave me a set of concealer formulated especially for my face.

this must be one of the best gifts of my life. as a 31 year old woman, i have a lot of vital aging signs to hide. it’s like when you start concealing the dark circles underneath the eyes, then you have blotchy redness around the cheeks, acne scars and before you know it – your whole face is concealed.

i have been told many times – wow you have great skin. i want to tell you now, nah, i just have a very good friend who gave me concealer made based on my skin color.

i recently re-watched zoolander. do you remember the school he started ? the derek zoolander school for kids who don’t read good but want to do good?

i laughed at it many years ago. that was a good joke but now that i am older. i read it in a different sense. i felt another meaning to it.

maybe it’s time for us to pay more attention to kids who don’t read good but want to do good for i think society has forsaken many of them.

not all of us are meant to be scholars, not all of us are meant to be doctors or bankers. but i believe all of us are meant to be special. i honestly do.

i asked a child recently, why do you paint a caterpillar and not a butterfly?”.

she said – because i like caterpillars better than butterflies.

never thought i’d hear that..

if only we spend more time helping each other discover our strengths, maybe there would be less mediocrity in the world. for when you love doing something, you don’t just get tired of it. your passions are worth the fight.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

July 5, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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