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dear juno

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dear juno ( 麥浚龍 )

like most hong kong people, i really hate your guts because you have rich daddy who would stop at nothing to fulfill your dreams of being a singer. when i first came to hong kong, i wondered why you were always on the cover of milk magazine ( which i foolishly thought, you must one of hk’s biggest stars) to then realize that the magazine belongs to your brother engineered specifically as your propaganda vehicle.

when your recording deal with sour with the emperor group, your brother was crazy enough to create a label called silly thing so that you will continue to have a recording deal.

and i really really hated you because you are so rich you can work with whoever you want. your albums are not created for selling because i am certain that the money spent on producing them are far more than you could earn back in sales volume.

you make people who sing better than you look bad!

however after listening to your new album, nothing lasts forever – i want to apologize to you. i am sorry. i love your new album!!!! i am juno fan now and i don’t care if people laugh at me.

after years of being laughed at, being dissed – you stuck to your guns. you kept doing what you love doing and ignored what we thought of you. i am sure it was a hard journey. i think your new album is made with a lot of heart and needless to say – cold hard cash.

i don’t think your daddy needs to pay anyone to scream for you anymore. i’d scream for you any day now..


Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 30, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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