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damn good seafood on lantau island

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the biggest joy i derive from life is discovering something new everyday. after years of staying in discovery bay, we sometimes take the shuttle bus over to tung chung for a movie and to shop at tung chung. i have noticed for a while now, shuttle buses outside the mall with little standing billboards of different restaurants and long queues.

in hk, it is worth checking out a queue to see what the fuss is about because hk people don’t queue for fun. they do it in all seriousness.

on dragonboat day, i told my husband – let’s try one of those restaurants( we have been saying that for ages) we didn’t even bother researching. a surprise would be lovely!!!

there were quick a few restaurants to pick from but in the end - with the frequent shuttle service and the picture of the sunset - wah tao won hands down

it was either wah tao or the indian restaurant. the allure of watching the sunset was far more tempting and also wah tao( chinese being chinese) has a really good shuttle service. 5 minutes from the town centre of tung chung just behind yat tung village, lie another facet of hong kong; one that i have not seen before.

seafood restaurant by the edge of the sea at tung chung bay

it is a little seafood restaurant built on stilts; packed to the brim. we asked to sit outdoor and within a few minutes, i was happy to be breathing in saltwater and watching the tide come in.

picture perfect.... can you believe it's hong kong?

hkia is at where the bright lights are

wah tao is so far the only place in hong kong where one could see many modes of transportation. as hkia is in the near distance, you can see a plane departing almost every other minute, there are loads of boats and can you see the hanging cable cars as well? great place for a nice date.

the food is relatively inexpensive. at hkd 200 per person, you get the whole nine yards of seafood -mantis prawns, steamed fish, scallops.

to go to wah tao- take the mtr to tung chung and head towards the red taxi stand.

an inexpensive candle light dinner!!

mantis prawn with fried garlic - very succulent!!

nice cold beer on a hot summer evening

i can’t wait to go back. here is my suggested agenda – shop till you drop at citygate mall ( where all the fashion outlets are) or hike around tung chung. then indulge yourself!!! have a merry seafood feast!


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  1. so that’s where mr leung wined and dined his wife! will you wine and dine me there next time i’m in hong kong 🙂

    beautiful pictures, as always…


    June 19, 2010 at 5:05 pm

  2. The next time when you come I promise..


    June 19, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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