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there is an old saying in hk that states that the arrival of dragonboat festival marks the end of winter.

after a brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold winter, it’s hard to think about putting away those thick leather jackets. i love winter. people look so much better during winter than do they in summer. it’s the clothes we wear and leather makes everything look sexy and appealing. not to mention boots as well.

since summer is already here. i might well get summer ready..summer will become my excuse for wearing very little and because i have been training so hard – i am definitely BIKINI ready. i have been looking high and low for my puuuurrffecct little bikini but i still have not found it yet although i quite like this year’s h&m’s bikini collection. they also have beautiful kaftans to go with.

light beautiful flowy halter neck dress from h&m

benefit body balm

benefit’s body balm is a girl’s best friend during the hot summer months. nothing turns me off worse than sticky skin. use this amazing body balm and you won’t have to feel embarrassed talking to anyone.

my summer first aid kid

admittedly, we all need help looking our best. i know of this really beautiful shanghainese girl and i asked her what her beauty secret was and she said- exfoliation. my favorite is never a dull moment from origins. i have tried so many others and yet i still go back to it. it’s has a rich texture and yet not too abrasive. i love the fruity smell as well. some kind of gorgeous by benefit is an amazing product. it evens out your face color absorbs any excessive oil.  i use mainly liquid foundation but some kind of gorgeous is really handy whenever you need to touch up. my other favorite product that i use every day without fail is dandelion from benefit. i love the soft pinkish effect.

wear make up but don't look caked on!!

after years – literally i finally found a great mascara – ipsa. i love how much japanese people think about a product and things they do to improve it. they changed the applicator totally. it’s easy to use and it’s doesn’t get clumpy. no summer could be complete without a rich bronze. try the mac strobe tint. put it over the cheek bones and there you go – higher cheek bones. without going under the knife.

when you work on your own - you eliminate " wasting time playing office politics" i spend time at the gym

i am bikini ready. now i to find  my perfect bikini and one last thing – waxing always adds appeal.


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  1. omg woman… i have bathina too!!! i love the fragrance and the texture, so sexy. and i just got a wax today for my upcoming trip, hehe… ouch!


    June 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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