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four months ago, i made a very difficult decision to leave a job i was pretty good at because i had to find the answers within myself to questions have been surfacing in my head.

1) have corporations grown too big structurally to react to changes quickly?

2.) while the world has changed so much, why are we still doing business the old way? we stopped innovation in people a long time. look at great companies like dupont, the last time they came up with a great product was in 1999.

3.) if profit margins have been shrinking dramatically and you could no longer justify to your clients your prices, your industry has changed. find out where the disruptive force is.

4.) why do bosses like keeping people who only agree with them? why do they only seek praises when we are all the same boat trying to invent new ways to advance the boat?

i hate corporations and i hate job scopes. the reality of life today is that all of us are working in a form of factory line. whether you are banker or a manicurist. it’s the same. the company gives you a list of responsibilities and you have to fulfill them. you are not required to learn outside your scope because half the time, your mind is fooled into doing repetitive tasks.till one day, someone replaces you at lower salary.

in our parents’ generations- it’s at least better, companies take care of people but today – we are nothing but a headcount.i asked this friend who made loads of money in the last cycle – “what did you do right ?” and he told me – i supply contract staff to banks. contract staff?

it’s so insulting, i laughed. what is a contract staff – you come in, you do the job if lloyd blankfein says, look guys we need to cut operation cost. my friend cuts them. how fun! there isn’t even going to be a severance package. they are contract staff. it’s like a legalized form of a one night stand.

four months ago, i asked myself – is there going to be a place in the world for me? i cannot help feeling different. all my life, i have been different. i do not want to try fitting in now. god help me please.

i have answered that somewhat. i don’t know if i would be successful but my heart feels good. i get to build a company based on my own ethics. and my ethics are – i do not f**ked my clients and i want to pay people well. i do not need to be super rich – no one that rich is ever that happy. i am happy with just having enough.

that’s all.

please, can we ask ourselves today. do we want our kids to be contract staff?

i was having coffee with my friend last week because he has been moved to london – for once someone told me – you have a f**king company, build it. don’t look back. don’t be like me. i earn so much money but i hate my job. i do it for my kids.

it was then, tears in my eyes started flowing uncontrollably.

i will miss you papa smurf and thank you for believing in me.

Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 15, 2010 at 7:24 am

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  1. It’s good to know that there’s still someone out there who still knows how to ask hard questions. Nice.


    June 16, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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