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when i was 28 years old, i made friends with an orthodox jew from new york. he became one of my favorite clients and we e-mail each other loads just to talk about life in general.

he was my first jewish friend.

ever since i was young, i felt the frustration of seeing life the way i know how to see life. i wanted to see life from another perspective. i don’t ever want to be a gilded caged bird.

i met an arab girl last weekend. she asked me do you ever have plans of coming back to malaysia to live. the answer is no. she asked me why.

i said to her, ” i hope what i say will not offend you. i love hong kong because people could choose who they want to be. if they want to be gay or lesbian, it’s their lives”.

i told her about my friendship with daniel, my jewish friend.

and i said,”actually the jewish people have so much in common with the muslims. i do not know what they are fighting about anymore”. we have been fighting for so long – can someone please say – hello, i am tired of fighting. can we try something new?

the torah has more in common with koran than the bible. but has it ever occur to you that we may be praying to the same guy upstairs – the channel may be different. we live too short of a time span to prove anything and yet somethings do not need to be proven.

i feel frustrated because we are all fighting the wars of our fathers and of power crazy people. they always talk about how different we are. we are not. we are the same. our culture may be different but the ties that bind us are the same.

in wars – sons get killed, generations lose opportunities, people grow disillusioned, childrens’ lives are robbed. let’s start talking about how alike we are.

we even pray the same way - this picture was taken in seoul


Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 10, 2010 at 3:59 am

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