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best hotel in kuala lumpur – my hometown!!!!

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i did it – i started my own business. i am no longer one of those people dreaming to own a business. i actually f**king own a business. i love it. ever since i was young, i have this insatiable obsession of knowing about things. i was the girl who dismantled her brother’s remote control car just to see the circuit boards. owning my own business is the best feeling in the world. i’d talk more about that in future posts. but for now, i want to share with you my favorite hotel – the club saujana!

we had our first event at the club saujana, this amazing hotel nestled in the heart of kuala lumpur. i don’t believe such a place existed. i hate things that are not well done but seriously, the club has surpassed all of my expectations!!! the night before we checked it, i received a love note from tim bilfinger  – the club manager

the note reads ” we have you down for a booking tomorrow. i won’t be around on saturday but please enjoy your stay”.

i am bloody amazed already. when we checked in, we were escorted by mas who took us for a tour of the hotel telling us where to have breakfast, where to swim and took us straight to our suite.

after a few hours, i know half the staff’s name. they are so well trained and friendly.

unlike the usual hotels, everything in the bar is free of charge, they have glass jars of m & ms, shortbreads,peanuts and biscotti. they even have a freaking nespresso machine and three types of alcohol – whisky, vodka and gin. holy!!!

i love the breakfast spread. unlike the usual hotel breakfast buffet, the club focuses on small amount of quality food. they serve fresh yogurts, an amazing selection of cheese, freshly baked bread. all you have to do is to order your breakfast and it will be delivered straight to your table.

did i like die and entered hotel heaven?

i was taking a walk at the spa and tim – the manager caught up with me. like how did he even know how i look like? maybe someone might have told him to expect a cute chinese girl. hahaha. he is amazing too.

i can’t stay at another hotel. i have spoiled by the club.

if you ever ever go to kuala lumpur, my home town, you need to consider staying at the club saujana. it’s little far from the city but it’s so worth it.

you know in life, it’s amazing how little you could do to make people happy, just treat your customers like people. don’t treat them like a product – so simple, yet not many people get it.oh the only thing i didn’t like about it was the wifi connection on my iphone. the connection was just too unstable!

the waiting area at the spa

at the buffet table. i love the style of presentation. food looks even more delicious when they present it well

i love sunflowers

pretty good selection of cheese

look at those eyes...we over-partied

trying to be creative....

eggs - have it your way!!

the same one i have at home - yup, i just don't drink decaf. it's a waste of coffee

i like the ambience loads. they used a lot of minimalistic elements infused with a lot of asian themes and wood

looking at the pool - i want to get remarried here


Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 9, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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