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dear juno

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dear juno ( 麥浚龍 )

like most hong kong people, i really hate your guts because you have rich daddy who would stop at nothing to fulfill your dreams of being a singer. when i first came to hong kong, i wondered why you were always on the cover of milk magazine ( which i foolishly thought, you must one of hk’s biggest stars) to then realize that the magazine belongs to your brother engineered specifically as your propaganda vehicle.

when your recording deal with sour with the emperor group, your brother was crazy enough to create a label called silly thing so that you will continue to have a recording deal.

and i really really hated you because you are so rich you can work with whoever you want. your albums are not created for selling because i am certain that the money spent on producing them are far more than you could earn back in sales volume.

you make people who sing better than you look bad!

however after listening to your new album, nothing lasts forever – i want to apologize to you. i am sorry. i love your new album!!!! i am juno fan now and i don’t care if people laugh at me.

after years of being laughed at, being dissed – you stuck to your guns. you kept doing what you love doing and ignored what we thought of you. i am sure it was a hard journey. i think your new album is made with a lot of heart and needless to say – cold hard cash.

i don’t think your daddy needs to pay anyone to scream for you anymore. i’d scream for you any day now..


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June 30, 2010 at 5:05 pm

all hail the olympus e-pl1

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here are the reasons why i won’t buy a huge camera

1.) i am a bag woman – i carry a lot of stuff. on any given day, i carry a lot of make up around and i always have a set of gym clothes in my bag ( i don’t wear ugly gym clothes because since i work so hard to look the way i do, there is no reason to not wear only a sports bra whilst working out)

2.) on any given day as well. i have a book and a magazine with me.

3.) i haven’t found a camera bag that looks good!!!!

i was OVER the moon when my loh kong( hubby) said – loh poh ( wifey) we have a camera on loan from olympus. it’s a quasi dlsr but not quite one. very light.

what camera is that – it is the all new olympus e- pl1

i am a chick, i don’t know anything about cameras. i just want to shoot and go. i do not know the technicalities but i am just going to give it to you as how chick should

it’s really light therefore carrying it – it’s no sweat. it comes in four colors – black, silver, white and red. the red one is so hot. every chick needs that.

there are so many functions and even art fillers that you could use and that saves you time from tweaking it on photoshop later on. since we are talking about a camera here. let me show you some pictures. i did not edit or touch it.

starbucks coffee beans taken with the nature macro mode

i am surprised that the photo turned out so fine - macro mode

sophie the model - taken using the soft sephia art filler

sophie the model looking a bit sad- taken using the grainy film art filler

sophie the model looking like an angelic dog from heaven - taken using the artfiller - soft focus. awww don't you think she looks so warm and fuzzy

just natural sunlight. no flash. i like the details the e-pl1 captures

again just macro mode - just point and shoot. even an idiot like me could do it

i really like this camera. i am a bit reluctant to give it back to olympus. hehe 🙂 i think it’s really a great camera for someone who don’t like the fuss and mess of carrying a dlsr. if you get bored with the standard lens, you could always upgrade to something better. for about HK$ 5XXX. it’s a good gap filler between the everyday camera and the dlsr.

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June 28, 2010 at 4:05 am

4 really cute stationeries……

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i could spend hours at city super’s log on shop. they have the cutest and most frivolous stationeries, it makes me want to be a kid again. when i was young, i had a stack of stickers and a jar of erasers. it was my most prized collection. i won’t let anyone touch it or see it ( see i liked collecting things ever since i was young)

since i can’t go back in time and be a kid again, i can however shop at log on because they have such great gift ideas for literally anyone of any age. the next time you need to give someone a special present, do check log on out. they have a brand new shop on the 2nd floor of isquare, tst.

4 gb robot usb. they come in six different colors. this is my favorite - i call it my mod robot. it's hkd 220 each

so cute.....

converse all stars pencil case

these shoes aren’t made for walking – it is a converse pencil case. it comes in four different colors – blue, pink, red and black. when i was 15, i bought my first pair of  converse, so this is a little nostalgic for me.

erasers replicating all of my favorite sweet stuff - can you believe it, it comes in a plastic container. HK$ 35 each

you should check out the eraser section – i almost died of happiness. they had like little erasers of food stuff, fruits, carbonated can drinks. japanese people are just so insane when it comes to making cute stuff.

stuck on you personalized stickers

recently i received a very cute gift from my friend. they are called stuck on you . stuck on you stickers are personalized labels that goes on everything and anything. i wished i had them when i was a kid. there was a point in time, i like putting my name on everything including the walls in our old house. check out their website. the basic vinyl name labels are HK$ 169 for a set of 50. they are waterproof, microwave free, dishwasher safe and uv resistant.

besides name labels, you can also do funky bag tags and dog tags. i need a funky bag tag because sometimes at the baggage claim conveyor belt, i have to flip a few black bags to make sure, i don’t take the wrong one! sophie needs a tag too. i can’t wait for my godson jake to go to school – i want to give him a personalized set of stickers, water bottle…:)  you can get them delivered in 2-3 weeks time!!

sealed with a kiss...

do not go gentle into that good night

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over a starbucks green tea frappaccino

as i was waiting to board my flight back to hk at lcct ( the other airport next to klia), a realization suddenly hit me. airasia – malaysia’s budget airlines is doing my country so much good. when i look at middle class and to some extend even lower middle  class families who are now traveling, i know change will come.

when you travel, you come home a different person. i am so happy to say that with affordable flights, many malaysians are now going to china. seeing china’s unprecedented growth is nothing short of a miracle that you have to see it to believe it. when malaysians see that type of change, we will ask ourselves – if china can do it, why are we dragging our feet?

the  reality in malaysia is – life hasn’t become better since the asian financial crisis; we have actually become more inward looking and the pegging of the ringgit had stopped foreign investments.after the unpegging, we have trouble attracting them back. as a result to that, malaysians have to tolerate substandard products offered by ” local conglomerates”.

whenever i go home, i hear the same people complaining about the government and over the past few years; what i have seen happening is that – these people have grown older and yet are still complaining about the same issues.the fire in their eyes have gone dimmer, they are moving past their prime age, they know what is wrong but they don’t know how to change.

my brother recently asked me if he should move – i said yes, just to see the world from somewhere else. you may be richer, you may be poorer but give yourself the option.

i will you the number one thing that saddens me the most – wasted youth.

i have a cousin who is studying environmental science. what is the likelihood of her finding work in malaysia? i won’t say it is difficult but look at china last year. they surpassed the us in terms of investments on renewable energy. it doesn’t take a lot of sense to connect the dots.

go to where the opportunities are. my aunty said to me,” we are old, too old for change”.

i have a friend whose family left south korea in the 70s for brazil. his parents worked in a textile factory. one day, his mother said, i gotta give my kids an education – let’s go the us.

i don’t have to tell you that my friend is now very successful.

my dear malaysian friends, i came to hong kong without anything. i just wanted a better life for myself. i am terrible person to say this – it takes a lot of time to change a country so deep rooted in its errors. if you decide to stay, make it the best decision possible if not go somewhere else. but be sure it’s not a life lived in vain.

we are very special people – we speak at least three languages and we are culturally sensitive because we live amongst so many groups of people.

i’d like to share with you my all time favorite poetry by dylan thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

my treasure box

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i have a little confession to make – i have a serious addiction for accessories. i do not like just any accessories, i like blings and i love vintage stuff. do you know much pleasure it gives me now that i am able to share this passion with people. i scour the world for vintage.

my great grandfather was a watchmaker. we still have many of his watches and clocks at home. like they always say, they don’t make things like they used to anymore and they are right.

when we renovated my house last year, my husband said to me – i am going to give you a surprise. i get very nervous whenever he says that – let’s just put it this way. he is a lovely man but when it comes to presents… i’d rather pick my own. but he gave me one of the best presents in my life – my very own treasure box.

space is definitely a luxury in hk. since i don't have a walk in wardrobe at least i have a treasure chest

i bought this antique cameo pendant but at the back it is a pocket watch. i love pearls but then again i love diamonds too.

the blue beads were made in the 60s and the silver ones are made in the 40s. they are heavy i tell you!!

thank you my hubby. i have said this before and i will say it again – marrying you is my best investment!!!

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June 21, 2010 at 4:25 pm

my favorite hero, bruce lee

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in a documentary about the life of bruce lee, his wife linda lee related a story about him. she spoke about how upset he was after he had won a contest. when she asked him – why are you upset?

he said,” because it took me three minutes to win”.

i don’t know about you but bruce lee must be one of those special people whose talent, intelligence and discipline know no limits. before there was protein shakes and electrical muscle stimulants, bruce lee had been experimenting with them.

my grandfather was bruce lee’s biggest fan. we watched his movies again and again ( although there were only four ) when i was young. it is only in recent times that i realized there was more to the man that his obsession to be the best fighter.

i have been reading his book jeet kune do after watching his documentary. now, i don’t think he was a just martial artist; he was possibly one of the finest philosophers in the 20th century.

the all mighty bruce lee

i would to share some of his teachings and his thoughts with you. although i think it was written in the context of training one’s body, mind and soul. i think his teachings are very valid in how we should see the world today – especially in business.

” time means a lot to me because you see i am also a learner and am often lost in the joy of forever developing” – i see so many people and companies today developing habits and sticking to what they know best. this is wrong because the only thing that is constant is change. don’t be afraid of learning something new. also i feel that because i am asian, we have this phobia of telling people, no i do not know the answer. instead of dwelling on it, can we turn it around and say, let’s try and find out?

“when clans are formed, the people of a clan will hold their kind of martial arts as the only truth and do not dare to reform or improve it. thus they are confined in their own tiny world. their students become machines which imitate martial art forms” – i have this suspicion that the more regulated our education system becomes, the less we will see creativity in people. it is very sad that we think that educated people hold more validity in society. it is like as though we forgot that it takes many types of people to make a society work. some of the problems i foresee in the near future is the lack of food due to the shift of agrarian societies into knowledge based ones.

” the original founder of the style started out of hypothesis. but now it has become the gospel truth and people who go into that become of the product of it, that to me is not right” – i think it is high time that all of us question institutions and so called norms of society. let me give you an example of what i think is b***shit. we pick up our dog poo with plastic bags. shit is biodegradable and by putting it in a plastic bag, we totally f***ked it up.

” the  true power of our skill is self-knowledge – the liberation of the self” – i believe that knowledge is the most fluid weapon one can arm themselves with. it is my personal agenda to learn everything even if sometimes i think it is not related to my work. we should discourage our children to learn something for the sake of an exam, instead we should infuse them with the joys of learning.

” style is concluding,established, solidified something. you cannot do that because you learn everyday as you grow on” – if you look at “blue chip companies” and if you really study their products and selling strategies, i would not surprise that we won’t see many of them in the next 20 – 30 years. a lot of them are just stuck and are too big for any rapid movements. i believe that companies should be kept small and ceos listen more and entertain investors less.

if only grandpa was still alive, i think he'd liked that very much as a gift. happy father's day, kung!

finally – my favorite bruce lee quote – ” be water my friend”. water has no form because when you have no form, you can then be all forms.

damn good seafood on lantau island

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the biggest joy i derive from life is discovering something new everyday. after years of staying in discovery bay, we sometimes take the shuttle bus over to tung chung for a movie and to shop at tung chung. i have noticed for a while now, shuttle buses outside the mall with little standing billboards of different restaurants and long queues.

in hk, it is worth checking out a queue to see what the fuss is about because hk people don’t queue for fun. they do it in all seriousness.

on dragonboat day, i told my husband – let’s try one of those restaurants( we have been saying that for ages) we didn’t even bother researching. a surprise would be lovely!!!

there were quick a few restaurants to pick from but in the end - with the frequent shuttle service and the picture of the sunset - wah tao won hands down

it was either wah tao or the indian restaurant. the allure of watching the sunset was far more tempting and also wah tao( chinese being chinese) has a really good shuttle service. 5 minutes from the town centre of tung chung just behind yat tung village, lie another facet of hong kong; one that i have not seen before.

seafood restaurant by the edge of the sea at tung chung bay

it is a little seafood restaurant built on stilts; packed to the brim. we asked to sit outdoor and within a few minutes, i was happy to be breathing in saltwater and watching the tide come in.

picture perfect.... can you believe it's hong kong?

hkia is at where the bright lights are

wah tao is so far the only place in hong kong where one could see many modes of transportation. as hkia is in the near distance, you can see a plane departing almost every other minute, there are loads of boats and can you see the hanging cable cars as well? great place for a nice date.

the food is relatively inexpensive. at hkd 200 per person, you get the whole nine yards of seafood -mantis prawns, steamed fish, scallops.

to go to wah tao- take the mtr to tung chung and head towards the red taxi stand.

an inexpensive candle light dinner!!

mantis prawn with fried garlic - very succulent!!

nice cold beer on a hot summer evening

i can’t wait to go back. here is my suggested agenda – shop till you drop at citygate mall ( where all the fashion outlets are) or hike around tung chung. then indulge yourself!!! have a merry seafood feast!

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