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the jedi code- fear breeds anger

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my friend had just invited me to join her for a workshop called breakthrough to success hosted by this dude – christopher howard. i hesitated  because i am really scared of overly enthusiatic individuals jumping around proclaiming ” you can change your world”. i wanted to say no but then i stopped myself and googled for more information. i am at this point in life whereby i don’t want to say no to anything. i believe that every person that i meet, i can take something from them. good or bad, let me the judge. i just don’t want to deprive myself from any opportunities.

this is what i found – christopher howard – the lifestyle guru that specialises in helping people overcome fear.

fear is a b*****. the older i get the more i realize that fear is the only thing that stops people from achieving what they truly want to do. when i graduated from university in 2002, i went for an audition to be a newscaster. i love the idea of talking to people, it is my inherent quality and it’s something i do  well at. i was holding the microphone and the camera was rolling – i froze. my mind went blank. that was just one incident. why had i allowed fear to rob of a life i had wanted?

i am going to confront fear – head on. everything i fear, i am going to turn it around.

today i was talking to a friend and he told me he likes this girl who lives in his apartment block. he has been thinking about an opportunity  to know her. he told me his grand plan – he is going to steal her mail and take it back to her house. he asked me what i thought.

i said – you do it!! why not? don’t you think that doing something crazy reminds us all how fun life could be? so what if it doesn’t work out? then we move on but at least, we walk away with the experience of saying – i did it!!

the lifestyle guru himself - chris howard.

chris’s seminar in hong kong  takes place tomorrow – 21-23 may. sorry for the last minute notice. if you want to go for it, it is at the rotunda 2- level 3 hitec kowloon bay. for more information, please visit

by the way, i was watching charlie rose when he interviewed helen mirren. she said ” my mother always said – be cautious of fear”. damn, that was a good line!


Written by smalltroubleinhk

May 20, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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