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someone recently said to me ” i don’t know how you live in hong kong, it’s so stressful”.

that statement annoyed me. it is in hong kong that i found my pace. this place is capitalistic heaven and everywhere you see and experience is created to help businesses run.i love the efficiency but most people just take it for granted.

one of the most fascinating things about hong kong for me is the retail is what i think is the pulse of the city.

if you want to know how much disposable income people have, just go to lane crawford on the first day of its highly anticipated bi-annually sales. i usually book a session at mac to do my brows just to pick up on the vital metrics. if after a week of sales if they are still selling size 36 or 37 shoes – the economy is not doing great.

i love lane crawford especially the one in pacific place. i love the men’s sneaker’s section. you can sit down, ask the dj to pop in your favorite tune and watch the shoes go by on a conveyor belt. it’s like going into a sushi bar.

i really like this brand of shoes call toms shoes every pair you buy, they donate a pair to charity. there is something about shoes and how it relates to human dignity. when i went to auschwitz to see the concentration camp – that part that made me broke down was seeing this giant mountain of shoes. shoes whose owners died in the camps. the shoes they wore that brought them to their hour of death.

anyways, back to retail in hong kong. when you own a business in hong kong, one of the biggest risk factors that you need to consider is rent. and hk people are really creative with space. if you have something that you think may work, you may want to rent a cube first.

at trendy malls across causeway bay, mongkok and tst – you can actually rent a transparent lucite box ( monthly rental of HK$ 700 onwards depending on the mall and the location of your box) and display your goods. the shops have digitized everything so you don’t have to worry about monthly invoices. they will give you a monthly record and you use it to track datas such as what works, selling patterns and stuff. the only drawback is that – there is no one there to help you push your sales but i guess with a bit of initiative,you can always teach the sales people there to help you sell.

happy selling!!!!! and buying!!!

good music, comfortable sitting area and so many pretty shoes... wow, heaven!!! i love lane crawford and it moves... it does.

reebok is hot on the comeback trail...

all sorts of things you can sell. i go to these cubes to check out up and coming designers

just in case if you need the contact!!


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