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10 things to do in lamma

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more than just a sleepy fishing village and a weekend destination for city dwellers, lamma island is the glastonbury of hong kong. there is an unspoken allure to the island and as soon as you step foot on it, you can immediately feel its essence.

if discovery bay is the sterile suburb, lamma is the creative vortex of bric-a- bracs.  it is a refuge for artists, spiritual healers, writers seeking inspiration and the bohemian dwelling quarter.

things most people will do in lamma include

1.) seafood by the beach

2.) hike from yung shue wan to sok kwu wan

3.) hang out by the beach

4.) visit the one and only lamma wind farm( can’t really be considered a farm)

5.) try the famous grandma bean curd near the hung shing yeh beach

if you want something less conventional, you could try: –

1.) spiritual healing – my friend david ogg helps people get reconnected with their inner being. if you have questions about the metaphysics, you can call him. i am a very scientific person but when i am around david, i feel like my inner child has a friend to talk to – central sun

2.) ingest some greens at bookworm cafe . apparently it is pretty popular so please book in advance.

3.) invite all your friends for an art jamming session – at vivid vibrations . what a splendid way to spend the weekend

4.) buy some herbs and organic vegetables at herboland. it is by the hung shing yeh beach.

5.) yoga sessions in the garden – oh namaste!!!!!


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  1. Wow, that’s probably the best Lamma blog story I’ve seen in a long time! You must live there to know it so well?!

    Could I republish your story and picture in the daily Lamma-zine at, please? 😉


    May 2, 2010 at 4:58 am

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