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handmade hong kong

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i can’t believe i am going to miss handmade hong kong and it’s happening in my neighborhood -discovery bay. i just checked out the people who will be exhibiting their wares on that day..

ruby martini – who makes the cutest headpieces.i had wanted to get something from her a while ago for an event. she makes amazing stuff.

have a look at at the participating vendors – i just checked it out and it looks as though it is going to be a fantastic event.

miss bella looks like she has some interesting accessories

i love handmade stuff. till i was about 19 – i used to hand make gifts for my friends. i was never really good but i loved the idea of creating something special for someone special. last christmas, my friend priscilla’s daughter-aly made me this photo frame. i was really touched with the gesture.

when was the last time anyone gave you a hand made gift? or even write you a handwritten letter or a greeting card? i still have all the letters my friends gave me during primary and secondary school.

talking about the good old days of being young – i just remembered something my english teacher said to me – ” i wished i had a longer neck to see what naughty things you are doing at the back “.

the thing is, i am always doing naughty deeds.


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May 28, 2010 at 5:46 pm

hey jude

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musical boxes from uber cool shop furniture shop homeless on gough street, central. they have all of beatles’s biggest tunes. my personal favorites are hey jude and imagine. for only HKD 88.00, they make cool gifts for die hard beatles fans.

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May 27, 2010 at 5:58 am

the dilemma of my generation

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if i look at the type of life my parents and grandparents had when they were my age – i have no doubt but to say my generation is extremely lucky. when my grandparents were my age- world war 2 had just ended a little more than a decade ago, much of the world was in the rebuilding stage, my parents when they were my age in the 1980s – they were struggling to get out of poverty.

it saddens me to see young people of today, giving up on their lives. do you think that because our lives have become so easy, that we living lives of unfilled destinies?

everywhere i see today, whether we are asians or europeans or americans – we have inherited structures. our parents have taught us what works during their time. but does is it still applicable in my generation?

although the baby boomers became the most successful generation in written history – they have also gotten so many things wrong. we live in a culture today that is a byproduct of their struggle for prosperity. the family unit is in shambles. nobody wants to admit their mistakes anymore. i was so angry yesterday when i heard the ceo of bp saying – yes, there is oil leakage but not to the extend that has been claimed- does it matter? if is a leak, you f***king fix it. no one knows how to fix anything anymore because the system have compartmentalized our learning. we are relying on experts but do they really know?

corporations are killing us -the stupidest thing i found out is that a single plastic spoon takes 100 -150 years to decompose. my generation is formula fed babies. even doctors are recommend milk powder as opposed to breast milk. if you probe further, you will realize that doctors get commission for pushing milk powder.

the baby boomers have refined the world of capital markets. it is possible we have the ability to make enough money for our future generations in this lifetime. if so, why are we still forced to be someone we are not? why do they still insist on us being doctors, architects, lawyers.. we should nurture our children to be who they want to be. be happy.

i tell you the real reason why i do not want to be a parent. it is because i do not want my child in this flawed system. everywhere in the world today, i feel the reverberation of desperation. we want to heal the world. god help us please..

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May 26, 2010 at 2:23 am

wanchai – view from the top

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all photos were taken from the 69th  floor of central plaza – it is currently the fourth tallest building in hong kong and the tallest building in wanchai. we look up to the skyline of hong kong so often that it’s not very often we down at it. doesn’t hong kong remind you a lot of lego land? buildings are so close to each other.

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May 21, 2010 at 9:58 am

the jedi code- fear breeds anger

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my friend had just invited me to join her for a workshop called breakthrough to success hosted by this dude – christopher howard. i hesitated  because i am really scared of overly enthusiatic individuals jumping around proclaiming ” you can change your world”. i wanted to say no but then i stopped myself and googled for more information. i am at this point in life whereby i don’t want to say no to anything. i believe that every person that i meet, i can take something from them. good or bad, let me the judge. i just don’t want to deprive myself from any opportunities.

this is what i found – christopher howard – the lifestyle guru that specialises in helping people overcome fear.

fear is a b*****. the older i get the more i realize that fear is the only thing that stops people from achieving what they truly want to do. when i graduated from university in 2002, i went for an audition to be a newscaster. i love the idea of talking to people, it is my inherent quality and it’s something i do  well at. i was holding the microphone and the camera was rolling – i froze. my mind went blank. that was just one incident. why had i allowed fear to rob of a life i had wanted?

i am going to confront fear – head on. everything i fear, i am going to turn it around.

today i was talking to a friend and he told me he likes this girl who lives in his apartment block. he has been thinking about an opportunity  to know her. he told me his grand plan – he is going to steal her mail and take it back to her house. he asked me what i thought.

i said – you do it!! why not? don’t you think that doing something crazy reminds us all how fun life could be? so what if it doesn’t work out? then we move on but at least, we walk away with the experience of saying – i did it!!

the lifestyle guru himself - chris howard.

chris’s seminar in hong kong  takes place tomorrow – 21-23 may. sorry for the last minute notice. if you want to go for it, it is at the rotunda 2- level 3 hitec kowloon bay. for more information, please visit

by the way, i was watching charlie rose when he interviewed helen mirren. she said ” my mother always said – be cautious of fear”. damn, that was a good line!

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May 20, 2010 at 2:20 pm

it’s all about seoul

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korea is currently the second richest country in asia. having host the olympics in 1988 and the world cup in 2002, it is an asian economic miracle. while many developing countries talk about being developed, south korea went from developing to developed in just a few decades. i see evidence of that everywhere in seoul.

food – s.korea must have been a very poor country. in a society whereby people eat pickled food everyday, i am sure there is a practical reason for that. they have mastered the skill of making food last longer. and if you look at everyday korean diet, they eat very little meat.

be wary when drinking with koreans- they will f**king kill you. soju is 20% alcohol. it’s the most foul tasting form of alcohol.

i wonder what koreans eat. how come they are so tall? the men have bigger chests than me and the women – a lot of them have really nice legs. when i went to olympics park, i was delighted to see how well maintained the stadiums are. although the olympics took place there, 20 years ago, they really took care of the facilities and built a huge park around it. however for a developed country, i was surprised to see the number of smokers but after checking the price of cigarettes, i understand why. at 2,500 won- fags are still cheap!

s.korea is very environmentally conscious – you don’t see them using plastic forks or chopsticks. everything is stainless steel and people sort out their thrash. i like that.

i wonder if s.koreans are that patriotic or if they have no choice but to use local brands. 90% of the cars are local brands. hmm, i have a funny feeling about this. the cost of entry for foreign players must be huge and after looking at the way people shop at duty free, i think s.koreans are just like us – they crave international goods.

if i ever wanted to dobusiness in s.korea – i might look into running a black market selling foreign goods. sometimes governments really shit themselves with this idea of protectionism. people are so resourceful these days, do they really think that by keeping foreign stuff at high prices – that will help them? sooner or later, these giant conglomerates will become complacent.very much like sony or gm.

we were advised to not go to the national museum by the tour guide – don’t believe them. the national museum is really one of the best in asia i have seen. don’t believe in tour guides and don’t buy anything at places they bring you to.

the rise of the chinese consumer – it’s real. i thought that communication would be a vital problem in s.korea but a lot of shop assistants speak mandarin. this is good sign – i do believe that the reason why japan went into decline is rigidity. at least the s.koreans are starting to acknowledge that. even from as far as 5 years back, i noticed the burgeoning korean community in china.

after all said and done, seoul is amazing. i love it as much as beijing. one of the things i like most about it is the fact that both of these two cities are really old. it is easy to stumble upon a historical relic and see the stark difference from where it was to what it is at present. two things i’d wished i had done in seoul – i wanted to see how a middle class family live and i didn’t have time to go to a supermarket. you can tell a lot about a country by looking at what people buy.

koreans love coffee. definitely one of the most valuable commodities. don't go to coffee bean or starbucks - it's not worth the money and the coffee really sucks. it's easy to find quirky coffee places in seoul

the pheonix is one of the four royal mythical animals. the other three are the tortoise, the dragon and the tiger

at the royal palace - compared to chinese architecture, i like korean's and japanese's much better. they have cleaner lines and they use lighter colored wood

seoul is really beautiful.

some images from the national museum of korea. you can spend an entire day there.

i still feel that the cities to shop are tokyo and hong kong

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May 19, 2010 at 4:40 pm

shopping in seoul…

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i have never seen a nation so crazed about beauty. i asked a korean lady – wow you guys are really into this whole beauty thing.. and she said, yes – if you are not good looking in korea, your life will be very miserable. actually, if you are ugly, your life is shit everywhere but for someone to openly admit it – i would think this obsession is over the top… i will talk about my findings of korea in future posts but for now – let me be a girl and gloat about all the swell things i bought over the last few days

i love seoul!!!

i love buying accessories more than i like buying clothes.

i bought enough masks, face creams to last me a year. i have not used any korean brands before but i tried skin food while i was there. i like it and it's really cheap.

pretty eye lashes that makes my eyes flutter like butterflies.. woooooohhh!!!!

one of my best buys this trip - only 10,000 won equivalent to about hkd 71

fancy my beyonce wannabe chunky necklace?

haven't really thought about how to wear this but every girl needs wardrobe essentials like this vest!!!!!

my cutesy dress to go with my h&m denim jacket...

when i was a lot bigger - hard to wear stripes.. now i am going to abuse and use it!! i loves stripes

mix and matching it up. gonna wear it with my doc marts.

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May 18, 2010 at 4:57 am

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