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vintage ah mo

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i have a knack for trouble. when i was young, i like making friends with the scariest kids because i like to see the flip side and the element of surprise.

it is that same knack that landed me right to the doorstep of beatniks – hong kong’s best kept secret in the form of a vintage store. my friend ah mo who owns the shop is the scariest woman in retail. i have never met a lady boss who tells customers- don’t wear this, you look terrible.

maybe it is because i am sick of other retail girls telling me standard lines like – wow you look so slim or this is really trendy that makes me turn to ah mo. but she never fails to deliver. i hate my clothes looking so put together and everyone knows everyone that shop at zara because everyone will be spotting the same look.

ah mo buys one piece of everything and it is the perfect place to go if you want to reclaim your identity.

i love hanging out at her shop because she is my muse and my creative outlet. this is what she told me a few days ago – “this girl walked into my shop and asked me, isn’t it difficult to do vintage clothes?”. then she asked me,” what will you say if you were me?”. my mind went blank.

” i told her, it’s hard to be a human being, so are you still one?”.

my conclusion about ah mo – there is thin line between a genius and lunatic. they often overlap.

but i can deal with creative people. they are often difficult because they expect a lot from other people and themselves. that separates them from the mediocre.

one of a kind!!!

will miss the old shop when she moves to the new one at staunton street. love to just sit out on a nice cool night and have a good laugh

caution- you need to be able to think and pick out creative pieces..because like everything here- they are loud like ah mo

new address - and if you want a discount - tell her you're my friend

before i went to do my glamour photos, she helped me pull this look. i said old hollywood siren!

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