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diary of an (ex) fat kid

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the best decision i have ever made in my life was to lose weight. three years ago, my weight was absolutely out of control. i am a short person ( though i have a huge voice and personality) and my weight ballon-ed up to 130 pounds. it seemed as though, even drinking water could make me put on weight. i was miserable like hell.

the breaking point came when i went on holiday and when i saw pictures of myself – there were two things in my mind, my husband had bad photography skill or shit, am i really fat ? the latter  proved more true and  bitter pill to swallow!!

i joined the gym on the 1st of june 2007. have you seen sloth on an elliptical machine? that was how i looked like. in life, the hardest decision one has to make is the absolution of just making it happen. ever since i was a girl, if i laid my eyes on a dream or a goal, i don’t see obstacles. that is why whenever i do something, i dedicate all of my energy to just making it happen! by the end of the first week, i discovered muscles i never had, i couldn’t sleep at night because every part of my body hurt like a b****.

i started losing my first pound after 2 months. did i tell you that my body fat was a scary 41%? my god, i had more lard than brains!!! no wonder drinking water makes me fat.

in the book from good to great, it talks about  the evolution of companies and how great change happens. it never happens overnight. it is a gradual force but once momentum catches on, it is very swift.  i lost 3 pounds after 4 months. i changed my diet because when you work so hard, you don’t want to eat nonsense, you walk better because looking at the mirror so much gives you a full view of your posture, you start to buy new clothes because your aunty clothes don’t fit..

after half a year, i enrolled for the standard chartered 10k run. i didn’t have to win but i wanted to change my training routine.

after 1 year i enrolled for another race, a dragonboat race, i went hiking weekly, i worked out 5 days a week. if i had to entertain clients at night, i went to the gym during lunch. i never skipped meals ( that was the most important thing) i smoked my last smoke on nov 6 2008.

after two years, i wanted to learn more, i took up a personal training course because knowledge is the most important thing in life. it someone tells you to train your triceps this way, you want to know 6 other ways. we are humans, we are made to innovate.

it’s been three years, i am a healthy 108 pounds. am i perfect? absolutely not. i still want more muscular arms.

i have thought about writing this topic because it may be very sensitive. don’t get me wrong- i am not telling everyone to lose weight. i wanted to lose weight because i was unhappy with myself. i believe that in all of us, there is an image of how we look( how we want to look maybe), how we want to be projected and the moment we are too far from it, we get angry with ourselves.

this is me, this is what i want be. i want to be mentally and physically fit. i want to run up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat. i want sales assistants to give me a size 2.

every time someone says – wow, you have a great body. i don’t wish to tell you i actually have fat genes. which i do. i want you to remember me the way that i am…

fat and frizzy -one shouldn't be standing next to a celeb. no one looks too good! the only thing i can say is - i have a fro!

this is very incriminating evidence. please don't remember me looking this. it's something i want to bury too.

this is the image i have in my mind of myself - a little bold, a little nasty, a whole lot of attitude


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