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i am screaming a fiesta

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how come my husband looks so happy ?

hubby came home excited one night and announced that he won a signed copy of chrissie chau’s eyescream fiesta. great, something to productive to watch over the weekend. i must say i liked this so much i can’t finish watching it. the content is so deep that throughout the  whole 49 minutes, i have by now seen her chest at all different angles ( the girl has great chest)

despite my best effort to try and understand the eyescream fiesta – i have failed to understand the storyline of the production but i have to say, chrissie makes brushing teeth looks so fun and eating ice cream so innocent.

but all said and done, i like chrissie chau. i asked people who have worked with her and have heard great reviews. she is driven,very street smart, professional and she knows what is she made of and what she has against her. i applaud girls like that.

check out her interview on hk magazine

and by the way, how much do you think her signed dvd will go for?


Written by smalltroubleinhk

April 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm

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