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top five favorite chow sing chi characters

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i think i have watched all of chow sing chi’s movies and i would say that my cantonese humor is definitely influenced by him. if you speak cantonese, you will understand the immense power  this man has in the entertainment business and secondly cantonese culture.

what i find most fascinating about him is the glossary of movie characters he has created over the years. they are memorable and when you mention them, your brain immediately connects to a personality type that you see everyday in real life. as my personal tribute to my favorite cantonese movie star, i small trouble would like to share with you 5 of my favorite chow sing chi movie characters. enjoy!!!

ng man tat (吳孟達) – constantly seen as chow sing chi’s sidekick in movies like fight back to school, the god of gambler franchise , train brain as uncle tat or 3rd uncle. this personality  type describes a middle age, uneducated, horny, compulsive gambler with a good heart. uncle tat also develops a spasm whenever people call him 3rd uncle.

this is one of my favorite from the movie a chinese odyssey

yeung chung wai ( 八兩金) also known as 8 taels of gold –  prior to making it on silver screen, yeung chung wai was a construction worker. he has definitely worked his way up starting as a film crew member to numerous cameo roles. he has been in a few chow sing chi movies like the lucky guy, lawyer lawyer and king of comedy. this personality describes a very ugly man who is very good at kung fu. a bit like an ugly bruce lee

8 taels of gold in the lucky guy

law kar ying (羅家英) – i find it hard to believe that law kar ying is quite the heart throb in the chinese opera scene. while i don’t think he is a funny person on his own, i think he is so much funnier when he is paired with someone else. his most famous role is probably man sai in from beijing with love- the chinese equivalent of q in james bond.the only drawback – his gadgets don’t work

see for yourself

from beijing with love

and who can forget law kar ying as the role of the monk in a chinese odyssey( movie is based on journey of the west)

the actor known as yue fah. apparently when chow sing chi was shooting flirting scholar, he was looking for a really ugly woman to play this character and after casting many people, he still couldn’t find a woman ugly enough. that was when he decided to cast a really ugly man to play a really ugly woman. he found yue fah who was then working on set as a production crew. i can’t tell how many costume parties i have been and there is always someone dressed as yue fah

Wong Yat Fei ( 黄一飞) is the eldest disciple of the soccer team. known as the iron head. i really pity his character because he gets into so much trouble because of chau sing chi’s ambition to bring kung fu back in style

and just for you – the kung fu shaolin song

so who is your favorite chow sing chi character?


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