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i was born in 1979, the same year margaret thatcher came to power and revived the then – sick man of europe: britain

growing up as a child in the 1980s, women were depicted as strong, fierce and smart. they wore huge shoulder pads and horrible make up. i wished there were more better looking women to look up to ( i am not discrediting dame thatcher, i respect that woman 200%)

it is hard being a woman today. we have to be smart, we have to carry ourselves well, be successful, take care of the household and look desirable but still make it look easy.

today i had the rare privilege of having sunday morning dim sum with maggie ford daniels and annie ford daniels – the daughter of jean ford; one of the two founders of benefit cosmetics. maggie and annie are currently the benefit makeup trend artists & brand authorities. i am telling you, all the qualities i listed above, these girls have it and they just rock it!!!

as i walked into the benefit counter today, the feeling was absolutely surreal. i have always enjoyed  the benefits counter because unlike other cosmetic brands, they always have counters that look like bars where you can play, experiment and learn how to use their products. but today, i felt as though i walked into barbie mansion. both maggie and annie over 6″ feet tall and they are more beautiful than any of my barbie dolls.

the best make up tip i picked up today was- the most important thing while applying make up is really a clean pair of hands and let the heat from your hands blend whatever it may be you want applied on your face.

i must say being around beautiful people is always very intimidating affair but annie and maggie are really ” real girls” and to a certain extend a little goofy ( i love goof balls because i am a huge goof ball) also as a consumer – it is very hard to differentiate make up brands but after today, i am always going to be biased towards benefit. the girls are such humanizing factor  for the brand.

i think every woman needs to find what works for her and because of that i don’t want to recommend you anything. personally, i keep the benefit dandelion face powder at the gym. after i shower( i feel vulnerable with no make up) i just put on some and people think i have  this natural glow which i like to credit to exercising but i guess you know – what they say , ” sometimes you have to fake it till you make it”. another favorite of mine is the lip pump because of my small mouth. just wear it over your lip conditioner and finish it off with a layer of gloss.

oh, the most exciting part – i taught them my favorite word in cantonese – leng jai ( handsome!) i hope they use it! will upload the video once i have it.

benefit cosmetic founders - jean and jane ford ( not hard to see the flow of good genes)

maggie and annie - messing around. so hot, sorry guys - they are taken! they are soooo cute!! i want to have a sleepover party with them!!!

such a privilege to just have a girly chat with them!

demonstrating a makeover. seriously, they know their stuff. i don't think anyone can fake this.


it's either they are too tall or i am too short..

the benefit counter at facesss harbour city is the second busiest benefit counter in the world. so amazing!!! and the best selling product in hk is dr. feelgood – very useful because of the crazy humidity. more about the girls, please read article


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  1. Awesome!!! It’s so amazing that you got to meet these girls. Did you know them from before? They are beautiful all right!


    April 4, 2010 at 5:52 pm

  2. no. their first time out to asia – they are so super hot!


    April 5, 2010 at 5:05 am

  3. They are so tall!! And they are only wearing flats???


    April 6, 2010 at 3:00 am

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