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his royal highness – prince of white flower oil

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there is a very special hong konger that i like to thank and talk about because when i first moved to hong kong, this man had provided me with so much entertainment.

he is none other than stephen gan fock wai (顏福偉) the heir to the white flower oil empire. white flower oil is a form of medicated oil that is used to relief headaches, nose blocks and almost everything else. it is as ubiquitous as panadol in chinese households. apparently when my husband was young, whenever he complained of a tooth ache, his mother would ask him to apply the oilment on the tooth ( goodness!!) i am not being bold when i make the claim that almost every chinese household has a bottle of this miracle medicine ( yes including mine) and that made the gan family very rich.

stephen gan was ceo of the white flower oil empire till a sex scandal toppled him in 2008. apparently he had molested a taxi driver while he was drunk – you can read about it in a news report i found – prince of white flower oil admits fondling cabbie

the most amazing thing about prince stephen is not this sex scandal. it is the fact that he is also an aspiring singer albeit not a very good one. he has more than 8 albums under his belt and if you think paris hilton loves the limelight – prince stephen LOVES it even more.

until his run in with the law, he was in all of white flower oil’s tv commercials. he even sang all the songs. let me show you a few

this is the english version of keep us together

and you can watch the cantonese version of keep us together. don’t you find this concept of using the white flower oil as a shuttlecock scary?

this is my favorite – it’s called the white flower oil dance. i love this so much and that there was a point my colleague erica and i would sing this at the office everyday and dance as well.

i really miss prince stephen but you know what, he is back with a new song call go!go!go!

you go prince stephen! oh by the way, i have been doing my due diligence – if you work for the white flower corporation, prince stephen performs every year at their annual dinner and you will also get a free copy of his album. can i get an invitation?

sigh – the best thing about being rich if you can use it to finance your dream. who cares what other people think or say right?  go, stephen!!!

by the way, i still question his action of molesting a cabbie – because till now i haven’t found any cab driver worth molesting.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

March 27, 2010 at 10:35 am

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