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echoes of the rainbow – watch it!

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one of my favorite hk movie directors are  director duo alex law( 羅啟銳) and mabel cheung(張婉婷)

they make such beautiful movies that even for someone like me – who enjoys writing fail to words to describe the artistic value to their movies.

since words fail me, i found some old videos of some of my favorite movies by them. if you want an insight into the hk film industry, you MUST watch them. YOU MUST!!!

an autumn’s tale – 1987. chow yuen fatt was just amazing this film.

soong sisters – 1995- watched it with dad when i took a sudden interest into chinese history. i still don’t understand why this movie was a flop. the humanity value in this movie is just so rich.

city of glass – 1998. oh my god, till today this movie chokes me up. the characters are so rich and beautiful. the soundtrack and cinematography are breathtaking. i remember watching this and wanting a great love story just like this.

it’s been many years since i have heard about this duo but they are back again with a new movie -echoes of the rainbow. YAY!!!!

i can’t wait to watch it at the cinema. i hope you do too. there aren’t many good movies in hong kong anymore – but this duo is one that never lets adversities and hard times stand in their way. look at all of their movies, you can tell that they really invest not just money but their hearts, their lives’ lessons into them.please help by encouraging them so that they will continue to mesmerize us with their movies. i invite you to come along and watch this with me.


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