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you have a very lucky face…

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there are three types of people i do not trust.

1.) telecommunication guys because they make phone contracts so difficult to understand and they have so much fine print in there, you know that you are bound to screwed one way or another

2.) fanatical religious people who try so hard to invite you worship sessions with them. i mean seriously, they have the best selling lines – you can come and watch my band perform or we have other malaysians there. like really if i had wanted to hang out with more of my kind, i’d just stay in malaysia.

and 3.) feng shui masters.

when i went back home to malaysia, i was surprised to get so many questions about this particular elusive gentleman who has been stirring quite an amount of fame for himself. and for the first time, it ain’t questions about some celebrity.

if small trouble has a gallery of hk weirdos, he’s surely one of my top 10 exhibits.the man is none other than tony chan( 陳振聰), the divine advisor to the late nina wang, asia’s richest and weirdest rich woman. you have to give it to the man because for someone with such a humble background like him, he can own houses up on the peak and on bowen road and public listed companies.

since her death in 2007, we have been bombarded with lurid and freaky stories of their love affair – playing with digging holes, voodoo like stuff which you can read all about via wikipedia-tony chan

since losing the battle to nina’s entire estate, tony chan has been charged for will forgery, released on bail and now filing for another retrial. there are a few questions in my head whenever i think about tony chan

1.)what won’t this guy do for money? he has already gotten so much, does he really think he can take it all?

2.) do you think his wife was pimping him because she obviously knows about the affair?

3.) do you think his son named wealthee chan hates him? because if i had a name wealthee, i’d surely won’t be happy.

4.) does being weird ( nina was a weirdo herself) open the cosmical door for weirdos too?

apparently the man is in a lot of debt. what will you do if you were tony?

write a book but since he doesn’t look like he had much of an education – he needs to hire a ghost writer or he could also pitch the idea of a reality show of him and nina to channels like e or channel v. spooky, spooky.

just in case you’re wondering why is my post is entitled you have a very lucky face – there is this group of indian men walking around central and wan chai, they come up to you and say things like , excuse me miss, you have a very lucky face; do you want your fortune read?

i have been asked once and i said to him – yes i know, thank you very much since you don’t look too lucky yourself, why don’t i read your fortune instead?

do i have a very lucky face? yes, you do.. more than just lucky


Written by smalltroubleinhk

March 15, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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