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for a yau chin jai( rich boy) i like douglas young the founder of g.o.d. this is one yau chin jai with brains, business sense and creativity. i was flipping through his book the other day  and i noticed that he dedicated the book to his parents.

“to my parents- who allowed me to indulge” – so simple yet profound

if you are visiting hk and you want get your friends a little something from hong kong. i’d suggest you get them a delay no more t-shirt and not some cheap trinket from temple street which you can pretty much find on the streets of bangkok, malaysia or vietnam since i think they all come same factory.

what is delay no more? no it is describing the crazy pace of hk and the need to always do something quick( i initially thought so) it is a wordplay for diu lei lo mou which means f**k your mother in cantonese. so when i tell you, you have a good gift, you also have a good story to tell your friends. and also teach them the most important word in cantonese.

talking about delaying your no-more, i really love this word. when i was four years old, i asked my dad,

“dad, how come people only say delay your no-more. how come they don’t say, i delay your father?”.

my dad is a man of few words but the few words he said will always stick in my head,” because people love their mothers more.”

wise words indeed dad.

besides getting your delay your no-more t-shirts, check out G.O.D.  they have some really great gifts ( sorry, i wanted to take pictures but was stopped by shop assistant)

douglas young, so when are you free for coffee? i’d like to meet you some day!!!!

like all good retailers – g.o.d stores are centrally located. there is one just behind times square in causeway bay. that’s the best one. check them out

delay your mother t-shirt


Written by smalltroubleinhk

March 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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