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dressing your window.

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what is a window display?

it is the red curtain between consumers and the shop. it is the promise that when a consumer steps into a shop, an experience unfolds. i want to be taken, mystified, relentlessly pursued to buy something i do not need but still want to buy.

shoppers are often less logical than they liked to admit. we want to be alice in wonderland, we want to relive our experience of  playing paper doll. why do window displays these days have to be so literal? the thing is just because you sell clothes, does it always have to be about clothes? no.. they are about portraying retailers as a form of art dealership.

let’s take a look..

Channel window displays are always the best because they are about the girl we want to be. we want the channel tweed jackets. we want to be the elegant rebel that exudes confidence and timeless elegance. do we not have a reason to love mademoiselle gabrielle and her unyielding determination of liberating women?

Club Monaco – i love club monaco clothes but the window displays are so boring. the worst thing is because they have such beautiful clothes, they teach you various ways of wearing and matching them, you see people on the street with exactly the same pieces. i really hate the fact that i have to be taught how to wear them..

H&M I love H & M window displays with a passion. they about giving the little nutcase that lives inside of me a chance of  buying something outrageous. I will so buy a tutu dress ala Carrie Bradshaw style for my next dress up party. does it matter when it is? no, it’s so cheap i can buy it and keep it. if i never wear it’s fine, at least i have some spice in my wardrobe

Espirit – do you know when a brand is lost, you scare off consumers at the door. there is nothing sexy about owning their stuff. i am so embarrassed to say that i used to love esprit back in the 80s and 90s. it’s no wonder why their one of their key shareholders are liquidating 55 million dollars worth of shares. seriously esprit, just because it is the Year of the Tiger.. really, do you think we want to wear tiger heads and red undies?


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February 9, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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